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October 8, 2011

From Gilles Parent, ND.A., Montreal

Dear James Robert,

You are always inspriring.

We will be sending to all municipalities that are fluoridating their water, there are only 11 water treatment system that serves about 17 muncicipalities and 3 % of the total population in Quebec.  It was 7.5% in 2005, our actions has thwarted all the efforts of the government that had an aim to reach 50% of the population fluoridated by 2012.

It goes so bad that the government is presently taking to render fluoridation compulsary.  He has asked the Comiitee on ethics of the Institut national de la santé publique du Quebec to publish an opinion on the ethics of fluoridation.  The Committee came out with an opinion about three weeks ago stating that compulsary fluoridation was ethical.  Their report had 13 pages and about 10 references and underline the efficiency of the opponents (we are an handful but rapidly growing).  I am preparing an answer that will have more than 50 pages and that will be send to all media (with a short version because media do not read long versions at the beginning.  It will make their opinion look like a teenage composition.  I will be sending you both when finished.  I am just tied up with another urgent work in the same time.  You will have fun for your French.

I have found one lawyer that will help us activly Pro Bono and probably an other. We will also have two students in law from University Laval that will work Pro Bono on the legal aspects of fluoridation for the next 6 months.

Gilles Parent