Fluoride is good for you, like tobacco

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This comes from Aliss of Toronto:

If Public Health promoted smoking like they promote water fluoridation, here’s the letter we’d get back from our mayors and councillors:

Thank you for your email about our smoking policy.

I continue to consult regularly with the City’s Medical Officer of Health about this issue.  Presently, the medical advice is to continue with smoking. The Board of Health voted recently to continue its support for smoking.  We continue to monitor evidence supplied to us by the tobacco companies on the benefits of smoking.

Health Canada and the provincial health ministers agree that smoking is safe and beneficial, and is the most cost-effective and equitable way to reduce oxygen uptake from the lungs, especially in pregnant women, children, seniors and the poor. Second-hand smoke benefits non-smokers of all ages. That is why cities all across North America promote smoking.

Tobacco is a plant found growing naturally and is used by First Nations people. It is from a family that includes foods like spaghetti sauce. Smoking provides nicotine, tar, and trace mineral nutrients such as cadmium, lead and arsenic in optimal amounts.

Burning tobacco, like burning coal, also provides nutritious fluoride which hardens the arteries as well as the teeth. The industrial tobacco by-product used in municipal smoking must meet rigorous standards of purity and safety. The nutrients are regulated by provincial standards and are lower than levels from harmless volcanic emissions.

There is no credible scientific evidence that smoking is harmful when done at optimal levels. However, children under six should be supervised and taught not to inhale, as mild cosmetic brain damage may result.”

Here’s the actual email auto-response we are getting from our Mayor in Toronto no matter what is in the content of our letters, including Christmas greetings:

Thank you for your email about fluoride in Toronto’s drinking water.
I continue to consult regularly with the City’s Medical Officer of Health, Dr. David McKeown about this issue.  Presently, the medical advice is to continue with fluoridation and the Toronto Board of Health voted last April to continue fluoridation of the City’s water.  Fluoridation of water is the most cost-effective and equitable way to prevent dental decay for all residents, and that’s why cities across Canada and the United States continue to promote water fluoridation.
Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral and is found in rocks, soil and water. The amount of fluoride added to drinking water is regulated by provincial standards. At the current level, Toronto’s drinking water contains a lower level of fluoride than naturally occurring levels in some parts of Ontario.



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  1. Kevin Stiller

    Here in Queensland, Australia, we get a similar spin from our State Premier, Anna Bligh. She is excepionally good at making out she knows what she is talking about, even when she is promoting information which she knows are blatant lies. Kev’s Office

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