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The story of Harold Hodge is told in detail in The Fluoride Deception by Chris Bryson. It carefully documents many other nefarious activities Hodge was involved with, not just fluoridation.

Hodge was a shill for the atomic weapons industry, the nuclear power industry, the chemical industry, and all sorts of medical/pharmacological interests.

Famously, he was in charge of secretly injecting unwitting patients at the Rochester Hospital with uranium and plutonium, to investigate it’s effects and metabolism.  The patients were supposed to be terminal, which I guess allowed Hodge to feel he wasn’t doing them any harm since they’d be dead soon anyways.  But several lived for decades.  So much for the reliability of medical knowledge in making prognoses!

Hodge founded the American Society of Toxicology, which has long been captive to industry.  He was an advisor to a committee that President Eisenhauer established to investigate one of the county’s first pesticide in food scares.  In the 1950s residues of pesticides were found in cranberries and there was a public outcry.  The committee tried to figure out what to do with the problem, and Hodge basically advised to downplay the risk , which has been the continuing strategy to this very day.

Hodge worked for the CIA developing radio-labelled forms of LSD that CIA wanted to use to investigate what they hoped would be mind-control properties.

Hodge could be called the father of defending toxics use.


When I was in medical school at the University of Rochester, Harold Hodge was Professor of Toxicology and Pharmacology.

Hodge was famous and was respected because the Rockefeller’s, through their Foundation, had ensconced him in a very impressive large brand new $6,000,000 multi-storey wing of labs etc off the back of the med. school.  I think this was done to set him up as a world expert on water fluoridation and help push that scheme.

I guess he was the original $6,000,000 man ;-} .

Harold Hodge said at the outset of fluoridation that workers exposed to fluoride in the Manhattan Project had less cavities, and therefore that water fluoridation should be done to decrease cavities.  Hodge left out the fact that fluoride had damaged the teeth of the workers so severely that many of their teeth had fallen out, so of course they had less dental decay.


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Dr. David John, M.D.

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  1. Ziza


    Thank you for posting this. So many “doctors” support fluoride?????? I’m happy that I start “digging” about our food, water, etc. and that I read book “The fluoride deception”, only I’m not sure how we can stop that. Nice way will not help, I know that. Only if masses of people start demanding.

    Thank you

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