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If you have noticeable dental fluorosis,

If you have a thyroid problem and have to be careful not to drink or in some cases bathe in fluoridated water,

If you get a belly ache when you drink fluoridated water,

If you are fluoride allergic, that is if you have reactions when you drink fluoridated water,

If you have kidney disease and have been drinking fluoridated tap water, not knowing that it is limiting your kidneys’ ability to recover,

Please feel free to email me at Or call me at 425-771-1110.

Litigation is only now beginning. At this stage we are identifying potential clients.

I am sorry to say that all my attempts to use reason to convince the Everett City Council and the Snohomish County Board of Health have thus far failed.

It is time to move towards filing suit.

This applies first to residents of Snohomish and King Counties in Washington, but also to all Washington residents. If you live in another state, please contact us anyway. Maybe we can connect you up with an attorney who can help you.

James Robert Deal, Attorney
WSBA No. 8103