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January 4, 2013

To the Editor

Everett Safe Water members, including a chemistry professor, a medical doctor, a dentist and master of public health, a doctor of pharmacy, and a lawyer have addressed the Snohomish Board of Health numerous times and have submitted to the Board hundreds of pages of peer reviewed journal articles. These show that the type of fluoridation materials added to Everett water contain toxic and harmful contaminants.

Professor Richard Sauerheber, Ph.D. explains, “The so-called fluoride poured into Everett water at the rate of 250 gallons per day is not naturally occurring calcium fluoride. Instead it is a cheaper, industrial grade composite product. It is a mixture of fluorosilicic acid, hydrofluoric acid, and fluoride ion. Batches contain variable amounts of lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, copper, selenium, barium, boron, arsenic, and thallium. Arsenic is a confirmed type one human carcinogen. Thallium is a radionuclide and emits beta radiation, which makes it by definition a carcinogen.” See:

Dr. Sauerheber continues, “Upon dilution, fluorosilicic acid breaks down into orthosilicic acid which dissolves lead out of plumbing. Most homes, even new homes, have lead in their plumbing.” See:

Dr. Bill Osmunson, DDS and MPH, says, “These chemicals are most harmful to fetuses and infants. I feel so strongly about this issue because those who are most harmless are the ones being harmed the most.” See

As a lawyer I have explained to the Board that the fluoridation materials used are not approved by any federal or state agency, and further that they are actually illegal: Washington law requires that all fluoridation materials “comply” with National Sanitation Foundation standards. NSF standards require that some twenty toxicological studies be done. There is solid evidence that the studies are not being done. See:

Nevertheless, the Board of Health recently re-endorsed fluoridation, ignoring the evidence we submitted. See

Everett Safe Water charges the Snohomish Health District Board with a failure in scientific integrity. See

The Board is getting bad advice from its current science advisor. See

Citizens who care about this issue should email the Board at; or call the Board at 425-339-5200; or fax the Board at 425-339-5263. Citizens should insist that the Board consult with independent, neutral, experts in chemistry and biology, and follow the scientific evidence and conclusions as they unfold.

The Everett City Council is about to appoint a replacement for Arlan Hatloe, who walked out on Everett Safe Water speakers. The Council would do well to question nominees as to whether they are open to acknowledging scientific evidence. See

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James Robert Deal, Attorney
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