Initiative 517 – Would Allow Washington Cities and Counties To Vote On Fluoridation

by | Oct 7, 2013 | Port Angeles Drugs & Fluoride Case | 0 comments

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The result of the Port Angeles case was that in Washington fluoridation is considered a mere administrative matter and therefore, even if sufficient number of voters sign the initiative, the matter will not go on the ballot.

Read all the pleadings here.

Read the Motion for Reconsideration, which is the best summary of the Port Angeles case.

Initiative 517 – if it passes – will reverse this stupid decision. Initiative 517 would require that city and county initiatives, just like state initiatives, will go on the ballot first. Then after they are voted on, cities and counties can attempt to argue they are somehow invalid – for example, that they deal with merely administrative matters.

Read the complete text of Initiative 517.


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