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We are not saying that fluoride causes kidney disease but that it worsens it and hastens its progression. Also failing kidneys have reduced ability to excrete fluoride. It is a downward spiral.

Fluoride and kidneys do not go together well. Fluoride reduces kidney function and thus the kidneys’ ability to control pH. The blood gets more acidic which interferes with the calcium pump. Another downward spiral. You do not hear much about people dying of kidney disease. You hear of them dying of heart disease, which is worsened by decllining kidney function.

See Clinch’s summary:

See the Fluoride Action Network summary:

The comparison with Europe is useful because tooth decay in Europe has dropped just as much as in the US – and without fluoridation. So there has to be some other reason for the drop in tooth decay.

The drop probably results from better diet in general. It may result from the occasional administration of antibiotics which might root out deep bacterial infections in gums. (my unsubstantiated theory) It may result from fluoride applied topically. Europeans do believe the fluoridated toothpaste myth and they brush with it. It is true that fluoride kills bacteria. NaF2 is used in labs everywhere to kill everything before continuing with an experiment. The way NaF2 kills bacterial is that it interrupts enzymatic action and denatures protein, which it also does to our cells. You can also kill bacteria with a sledge hammer, but it to is an inappropriate tool.

Europe stopped fluoridating because they regard it as a violation of the precautionary principle. The chemical industry in Europe is not as strong as it is here. In the US our regulatory agencies have become captive to the industries they regulate.

Everett chopped off the end of my speech because I said “fluoridation is illegal”.   You can hear the full version here:

I wrote to the City Council about the National Kidney Foundation:

This article goes into why the National Kidney Foundation dropped its endorsement of fluoridation. The NKF is subsidized by the CDC, and that’s why the NKF’s position on fluoride is wishy-washy.

I am in touch with the anti-fluoride people in Arkansas.

They say that they did their own assay and have found radionuclides in the fluoridation materials. I am trying to get them to send me the actual assay. If I can get that, it will be a powerful tool. Consuming any amount of a radioactive substance is carcinogenic, gives you regular doses of ionizing radiation very close to the DNA, thus greatly magnifying its effect. You know, inversely proportional to the distance.



James Robert Deal , Attorney