Lithium in Your Water

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Lithium has a calming effect. Allegedly the suicide rate is lower in areas where the water is higher in naturally occurring lithium. (Citation needed)

Dr. Richard Sauerheber points out that there is the direct way to add lithium to drinking water and the indirect way.

Obviously the direct way to add it is just to add it. The other way is a process called “toilet-to-tap”. Toilet-to-tap is the cockeyed idea of taking sewer water and cleaning it up, employing reverse osmosis as the final step.

Dr. Sauerheber points out that there is just one problem with this: The lithium atom is smaller than the water molecule. You could have reverse osmosis that let water through, but then lithium ions would also go through. One could not have reverse osmosis that let the water through but did not let the lithium through. Lithium is smaller and simply follows the water through the pore.

Holes big enough to let water molecules through would also let lithium atoms through.

Dr. Sauerheber says that San Diego has the equipment already in place to do toilet-to-tap filtration.

There is significant lithium in sewer water and storm drain water. Batteries and brake linkings are two sources. Toilet-to-tap water will be rich in lithium, a back door way to add lithium to drinking water.


I have read that there were a few cities which did add lithium to their water. The experiment was brief. There were side effects. I am looking for that reference. If you can find it, send it.


The Medical Mafia continues to plot mass medication via water supplies – is lithium next?

Sunday, November 27, 2011 by: PF Louis

(NaturalNews) Mass medication is getting discussed more among medical experts who insist they know what is best for all of us. With water fluoridation comes the threat of adding lithium and statin drugs to our water supplies. These mass medication efforts have been seriously discussed among top medical professionals for the past few years.

Big Pharma’s only recipe for health

Big Pharma, the AMA, and medical boards throughout the world consider prescription drugs as the only viable solution for human health and disease prevention. Never mind nutrition. There’s no money in that for them, and they don’t know much if anything about nutrition anyway. So instead of removing toxins from food and water, they want to add toxic pharmaceuticals for public health.

These experts claim “not to worry,” the amounts are insignificant. This viewpoint ignores the cumulative effect from daily consumption of liquids using water in addition to water alone: Tea, sodas, coffee, soups, and boiled foods.

Boiling only gets rid of some pathogenic bacteria and parasites. It does doesn’t eliminate fluoride or other drugs used to mass medicate populations.

Also consider bathing, showering, and even the water used to spray produce displayed in stores to keep those veggies fresh. Prescribing pharmaceutical drugs at high doses for specific reasons often involves side effects. Daily dosing healthy people exposes them to those side effects over the long term also.

Pushing for lithium and statins in water supplies

According to a UK Daily Mailb report, “Lithium has been heralded by some experts as the next potential fluoride, after scientists found suicide rates were lower in areas where the drinking water had higher concentrations of the element.”

Lithium is used for bipolar patients. It’s supposed to focus on the manic-depressives and stabilize mood swings. Lithium works by altering the brain’s normal production of serotonin and norepinephrine, an adrenal hormone and neurotransmitter.

If the “medical experts” have their way placing lithium into our water supply, many would be under the influence of a mind altering drug. The side effects range from itchy skin to hallucinations and seizures. Read more here in another Natural News article (…).

Quite a few MDs in key positions have offered another mass medication idea via water supplies, statin drugs. Statins are promoted as heart health drugs because they supposedly reduce cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol as a threat to heart health has been exposed as a hoax by many health experts willing to speak out against the medical paradigm of disease for profit.

Statin drugs were essentially created as something that could be sold to healthy people, even without high cholesterol, as long as the bogus cholesterol scare holds up. Mike Adams covers this well here (

A study published in the Cochrane Library reviewed 14 statin drug trials that involved 34,000 patients. The researchers discovered previously undisclosed side effects of depression, mood swings, and memory loss. Other known statin side effects include cataracts, muscle damage, liver dysfunction, and acute kidney failure.

Several conscientious MDs warn that statins could cause more harm than good and should not be prescribed unless there is imminent danger of a heart attack or stroke.

The combination of fluoridation plus these drugs would be devastating for most over the long term. The phrase “trust no one” applies to medical institutions and government health agencies. We need to treat our own water while lobbying locally to stop fluoridation and resist other mass medication efforts.

Read more.

Learn more:


British Journal of Psychiatry

Lithium in drinking water and suicide mortality

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  1. valerie lehmans

    “Holes big enough to let water molecules through would also let lithium atoms through.”

    If this is true, then the entire population of the London (UK)area amongst many other large cities, will be consuming lithium, since their tap-water is largely recycled / treated sewage water and has been so for decades. Unknown numbers of residents use their kitchen sinks to “launder” inconvenient pollutants and toxins, no doubt unaware that in due course (and over and over again) they will be drinking the same water, from which the water treatment plants are unable to remove highly diluted substances, including pharmaceutical drugs.

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