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On Monday January 9, 2012, members of Fluoride Class Action, Washington Action for Safe Water, and Americans for liberty met with two attorneys on the staff of the Seattle City Attorney. They are Darby DuComb, chief of staff under Peter Holmes, and Engel Lee, counsel for Seattle Utilities.

Listen to an audio recording of our meeting with Seattle City Attorneys.


See video 1. Unfortunately, the opening minutes of the meeting are missing.

See video 2, Raw Footage


Read this follow up letter from Fluoride Class Action to the Seattle City Attorneys, January 10 2012

Read this letter sent by Fluoride Class Action to Jenny Durkin, US Attorney in Seattle.

Read Dr. Sauerheber’s reflections on the meeting:

I want to clarify that Brent Foster, in his you tube video, correctly, that the Oregon legislature did not ban fluoridation. What it did is refuse to pass a law requiring it. Local  water districts in Oregon can still vote to fluoridate, as Beaverton and Corvalis has done.

I liked Audreys’ statements about vitamin D in African Americans as a possible link to calcium deficiency, which in turn would lead to increased fluorosis and other harms, including lowered IQ in infants and brain damage and miscarriage in fetuses.

I liked Dr. John’s comment that the Teotia study, the largest in the world on water fluoride, which indeed proves that calcium deficiency causes caries– which fits in with Audrey’s statement – and of course the bogus idea that water fluoride decrease caries incidence.


The San Diego city lawyer argued that it will take a KPBS special to wake people up to actually get something done. I contacted KPBS here in San Diego where it originated and they are not interested in the topic in the slightest.  In fact, they refused to televise Dr. Connett when he came to give a seminar to the Graduate School of Public Health. The professor friend of mine who allowed Paul to speak was ridiculed by other faculty in her department.