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September 4, 2012


City of Mill Creek
Mike Todd, Mayor
Donna Michelson, Councilmember
Terry Ryan, Councilmember
Kathy Nielsen, Mayor Pro Tem
Bart Masterson, Councilmember
Mark Bond, Councilmember
15728 Main Street
Mill Creek, WA  98012 

Hand Delivered and sent by email to kelly@cityofmillcreek.com

Dear Public Servants:

The water districts which serve Mill Creek buy drinking water from Everett. In 1991 Everett started adding fluorosilicic acid to its water without the consent of the people of Mill Creek, its City Council, or the two water districts which serve Mill Creek.

Fluorosilicic acid is the unfiltered scrubber liquor from the wet scrubbers in the smokestacks of phosphate fertilizer plants in Florida, China and Mexico. It contains lead and arsenic and leaches large amounts of lead from pipes.

Lead has been found at the tap in Everett homes at 63 ppb, and it has been found in Seattle school fountains at 1,600 ppb. The EPA maximum contaminant level for lead is 15 ppb, and the maximum contaminant level goal is zero.

Fluoridation causes health problems. The CDC admits that 12.2% of children have fluorosis serious enough to be noticeable, embarrassing, and ugly. Fluoride when consumed does not magically go only to the teeth. Fluorosis of the teeth is an indicator that all the bones and also all the calcium rich glands and organs have become loaded with fluoride, which binds with calcium.

The American Dental Association recommends that infant formula not be made using fluoridated tap water on a regular basis. The CDC makes the same recommendation.

Fluorosilicic acid is an enzyme interrupter. Fetuses and infants are most vulnerable because their cells are still dividing. A recent Harvard study concludes that “children in high fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ scores than those who lived in low fluoride areas”. Fluoridation causes or worsens arthritis, bone fractures, thyroid disease, kidney disease, heart disease, and cancer.

For most people the effect is not immediate but appears over a period of years. The effect is cumulative because the body has trouble excreting fluoride.

Fluoride also combines with aluminum – which is added to Everett water to precipitate dirt – and thus transports aluminum across the blood-brain barrier, where it may cause or worsen Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Fluoridation does little or nothing to reduce tooth decay. The CDC admits that the effects of fluoridation “primarily are topical for both adults and children” and not via consumption of fluoride. Tooth decay has dropped just as much in non-fluoridated Europe as it has here. The big difference in Europe is that there is little dental fluorosis.

If fluoride causes health problems and is ineffective to reduce tooth decay, why do we fluoridate? There are two reasons. First is the myth that it is good for teeth. Second is to offload millions of gallons of toxic waste which otherwise would be expensive to dispose of. The EPA in 1983 admitted this.

If you have trouble believing that our government would allow such a harmful practice to continue, then consider government approval of tetraethyl lead. The same people who pushed fluoride pushed tetraethyl lead, and the world was poisoned by this toxic and unnecessary gasoline additive from the 1920s to the 1980s. The same was true of cigarettes, asbestos, thalidomide, and many other drugs. Once an industry builds up a cash flow from a product, harmful or not, it is difficult to stop it.

Fluoridation is illegal for numerous reasons. A sham agency, NSF, a chemical industry trade group certifies fluoridation materials are safe, claiming to do twenty different toxicological studies. However, under oath a NSF official has admitted that the studies are not done. In Washington fluoridation by law may take place only using materials which “comply” with the NSF rule. Fluoridation materials do not comply because the tests NSF claims in writing to be doing are not being done.

Mill Creek is one of the many “captive” water district areas subjected to fluoridation without representation. Everett spends $300,000 per year buying and injecting this filth into drinking water, and Mill Creek citizens pay for it through their water bill. We are asking that Mill Creek officials demand that Everett deliver non-fluoridated water either to all its users or to the water districts which serve Mill Creek. Everett has four large pipelines coming down from Spada Lake, and one or two could be dedicated to carrying safe water.

For links to documents proving assertions made herein, see: http://www.fluoride-class-action.com/mill-creek.


James Robert Deal , Attorney
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