Milwaukee Fluoridation Hearing 5-31-12

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   June 2, 2012

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Dear James Robert,


On Thursday, May 31, a subcommittee of the Milwaukee Common Council held their public hearing on Alderman James Bohl’s legislation prohibiting the introduction of fluoride into the city’s drinking water supply that serves more than a million residents.


The public hearing received an amazingly good presentation by fluoridation opponents including many residents, a couple of dentists, a family physician, as well as Dr. Paul Connett, Dr. Bill Osmunson, and Dr. Yolanda Whyte.  The fluoridation proponents put on a desperately poor presentation, but presented their misinformation with their usual bravado and confidence.


Alderman Bohl has a wonderful grasp of the issue.  He and other Alderman asked very pointed and probing questions that often couldn’t be answered or were answered incorrectly by fluoridation proponents.  The hearing went for about 7 hours without breaks. I’d like to believe they would never give all this time to something they weren’t at least going to consider in the future.


But at the end of the day, they voted to hold the resolution, which means that they weren’t prepared to vote it up or down at this time but have held the issue open for it to be revisited again before they pass the bill onto the full council.


I think the Aldermen were overwhelmed by the fact that the people they entrust with health issues were so extremely weak, some actually embarrassing themselves by their lack of information in a job where they are supposed to know the information requested.


Hopefully, their vote to hold the resolution means that they want to give fluoridation proponents a “fighting chance” because they did so poorly, and a chance to bring their real experts and/or expert testimony they claim exists but were unable to produce at the hearing. (Aldermen wanted to see the science that supported fluoride proponets’ claims and commented how prepared and convincing our side was).


The subcommittee of the Common Council voted down a motion to lower Milwaukee’s water fluoride levels from 1.1 mg/L to 0.7 mg/L which many cities are doing.
When I asked Paul Connett what he felt about the meeting he said:
 “It was perhaps the most extraordinary public hearing I have witnessed on this issue. For once we were given adequate time to present our case. I thought the chairman was excellent – both firm and fair. I thought the councilors asked very thoughtful and probing questions and for once could see through the shallowness of the fluoridation proponents’ case. I was not surprised that they were not willing to vote the motion ‘up’ on the night. After being fluoridated for over 50 years they needed more time to take what they saw as a ‘giant step’. As I said in my presentation, we have to beat fluoridation ‘one open mind and one community at a time.’ I think we opened a lot of minds in that 7-hour hearing. I think the videotape of the meeting will be a valuable tool to educate Milwaukee citizens and many others to the unacceptability of this practice and I am optimistic with the leadership of Jim Bohl that within the next year we will see an end to fluoridation in Milwaukee.”


Here’s a journalist’s view of the meeting:


And then the inevitable pro-fluordation editorial:

Stick with fluoridation; it’s safe and it works


Write a Letter to the Editor of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:


Letters to the Editor, Milwaukee Journal Sentinal,
P.O. Box 371, Milwaukee, WI 53201-0371
Fax: (414)223-5444


RE: Should Milwaukee end the practice of adding flouride to its water?


To be considered for publication as a letter to the editor, e-mail your opinion to the Journal Sentinel editorial department.  Generally, they limit letters to 200 words, and your name, street address and daytime phone are required.



The entire 7 hour hearing was filmed, including the slides from the power point presentations.  We are working to get a copy of the video as soon as possible so we can share it with you.  Stay tuned.




Carol Kopf
Communications Manager

Help End Fluoridation in Milwaukee
This is a big moment in the fight against fluoridation, and success in Milwaukee could lead to a domino effect across North America.  The media has been covering the story widely, and I believe attention will only grow as the debate continues.  This is why we need your help now, more than ever.


If you are a Milwaukee resident and would like to get involved, please contact End Fluoride Milwaukee (their Facebook page).  If you are a Milwaukee resident, a medical, scientific,  or engineering professional, or a victim of fluoride over-exposure, it would be helpful if you would contact Milwaukee Aldermen.  The Alderman have warned us that they don’t want to have their email accounts flooded with emails from non-residents who simply support the bill.  They just want to hear from experts and residents, all other emails will be deleted and could cause them to delete expert testimony.

New Video & Dr. Mercola Article
This week FAN released a new video on our YouTube page that answers the two most used and abused quotes by fluoridation proponents.  Any time fluoridation is challenged, the dental lobby will repeatedly proclaim that “the CDC has named fluoridation as one of the top 10 public health achievements of the century” and that opponents are radicals reminiscent of General Ripper from “Dr. Strangelove”.  Both of these quotes are meant to distract decision-makers from the real science that shows just how ineffective and dangerous fluoridation is.  This video explains and accurately answers these quotes in detail.  You can also read an article published this week by Dr. Joseph Mercola, where he gives his own analysis of the video.
We urge you to watch this short film, share it with friends, and subscribe to FAN’s YouTube channel, so you can receive video updates and have the latest fluoride-free information at your fingertips.
Stuart Cooper
Campaign Manager
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