Most Dentists Have Not Studied Fluoridation

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State dental leaders met in South Carolina in 1951. The transcript of the meeting is on file at the Library of Congress.

Delegates  were told,

The question of toxicity is on the same order. Lay off it altogether. Just pass it over. “We know there is absolutely no effect other than reducing tooth decay,” you [are to] say, and go on. If it becomes an issue, then you will have to take it over, but don’t bring it up yourself.

A white paper issued by the American Dental Association in 1979 stated

Individual dentists must be convinced that they need not be familiar with scientific reports of laboratory and field investigations on fluoridation to be effective participants in the promotion program and that non-participation is an overt neglect of professional responsibility.

But there are dentists who have studied fluoridation, read the scientific studies and have concluded it does not prevent decay and causes harm to teeth and other organs and systems in the body.

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  1. Jim

    Dentist Frank Bull lead that 1951 meeting. He also said to get the commission room filled with PTA members shouting for the miracle of fluoridation to protect their kids. It gave the commission no choice but to approve. Faith in science was often not questioned then. Blind trust is never wise of those that rule our lives. The transcripts show a mindset of deception for the 1951 meeting and avoiding any real science of the very real risks well known to the ADA, AMA and AWWA for decades. Fluoride was a well known enzyme disruptor and poison lowering thyroid function also.
    All of the negatives were just ignored in this in this spin doctoring love fest of deception by those sworn to heal and protect.
    Oral Health in Florida in 1991 put out a template on how to get fluoridation approved. Lobby behind scenes and avoid public debate. Bide your time until you had the votes then do it as quietly as possible. But avoid citizen votes as 3 of 4 would go against fluoridation.

    The anti commie John Birch label worked well also to keep people from speaking out. St Pete Fl even had the AMA threaten to take licenses of 40 doctors who took out newspaper ad against fluoridation. They went silent.
    The ADA has taken licenses of dentists who spoke out against mercury amalgams until they lost a court case about 7 years ago. They can not speak out in their office still and not be at risk. They are not qualified by regulation to speak of whole body health but are ordered to claim total safety of amalgams to patients anyway. Yet can not warn of any risk freely. Informed consent does not exist by choice. Many dentists are very aware of how evil mercury is but remain very silent to patients and other staff. The dental office can be a mercury toxic wasteland and so very few trap mercury from going down the drain. Slowly some states have taken action but most just talk the talk and do ZERO. This ends up being huge amounts in sewage waste at cities. Put on crops as fertilizer half the time or land filled or burned. Dentists in the US were putting 45 tons of mercury in peoples heads every year.


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