New Hampshire Bill Would Ban Fluoridation

by | Jan 25, 2012 | Documents | 3 comments

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New Hampshire bills seek to outlaw foreign substances, including fluoride, from being added to public water supplies

(NaturalNews) The State of New Hampshire is quickly gaining momentum to be the first entire US state to outlaw adding fluoride chemicals to public water supplies. The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) has reported that two bills currently before committee — HB 1529 and HB 1416 — seek to prohibit the addition of fluoride, herbicides and pesticides, lithium, and, in the case of HB 1416, any unnecessary chemicals into the public water supply.

HB 1529 strictly prohibits “the introduction of fluoride and herbicides into the drinking water of the state,” while HB 1416 prohibits the addition of any chemical substances, including fluoride. A hearing on HB 1416 took place on January 10, 2012, after having been referred to the state’s House Resources, Recreation, and Development committee.

The most promising of the two, HB 1416 received vocal support at the hearing from Rep. Anne Cartwright, who originally introduced the bill, as well as from Reps. Paul Mirski, Bob Kingsbury, and Laurie Pettengill. Other supporters included Stuart Cooper, FAN’s campaign manager, Roger Masters, PhD, who coauthored a study on fluoride and lead uptake, and a local doctor, public health nurse, and mother, all of whom submitted written testimonies.

The usual suspects of opposition were a host of state agencies, including the NH Dental Association, the NH Oral Health Coalition, the NH Public Health Association, and the NH Department of Health and Human Services. The only actual human beings that expressed personal opposition to the bills were three pediatricians, all of whom happen to be public health members as well.

Supporters of the bill came prepared, though, armed with plenty of questions and facts that blew major holes in the typical pro-fluoride rhetoric. Repeating US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) talking points about the so-called anti-cavity benefits of fluoride simply does not cut it anymore. And according to FAN, most of those on the committee seemed to recognize the flaws in pro-fluoride dogma.

The questions posed to those in support of fluoride addressed things like its uncontrolled dosage, or the high prevalence of dental fluorosis and other health conditions. Fluoride is the only drug forced on the public without consent, after all, and there is no way to regulate intake. And if the recommended daily dosage of fluoride for an adult is one milligram, he or she can only consume a single liter of tap water in most cities before exceeding this amount.

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  1. Donna Westfall

    Our town has been adding fluoride for over 40 years. Our children’s tooth decay rate is 70% per a local dentist. It doesn’t work. Infants should not drink fluoridated water. My constituents with kidney disease, diabetes, thyroid disease and cancer should not drink fluoridated water. My friend has seizures from fluoride as she’s highly allergic. Brittle bones and more. It’s time to get back to clean water and stop this stupidity of trying to mass medicate the poor cash cows that have to pay to drink this poison. Councilwoman Donna Westfall, Crescent City, Calif.

  2. Binit

    I would have preferred to read a baaclned argument.I recently read that fluoride occurs naturally in some areas. I think describing it as a medication is a scare mongering tactic. I believe this makes the article less credible.Fluoridation has been a great benefit to children from low socio-economic backgrounds and has reduced the necessity for extractions and other dental treatment. Twenty years ago I worked as a dental health professional so can speak first hand at the discomfort some children experience. Dental health is preventable but until we have equal equitable resources the lower socio-economic groups will continue to suffer.It’s about the good for everyone not just about individuals. We all need to be socially responsible.I can understand that certain individuals feel this violates free choice and I would prefer fluoride free water personally, but if it saves the NHS thousands in avoidable treatment costs and under privileged children avoid the pain and suffering that poor oral health brings, it’s worth it!

  3. James Reeves

    The state is to be congratulated for taking a brave and informed stand against fluoridation. They have paid attention to the research studies from the last 20 years.

    Interestingly, the politicians often align with the big money side where these industries sell their toxic waste fluoride to commuinties. Most people now know their health will be sacrificed with fluoridation. That is why promoters lose about 80% of all elections held worldwide.

    Someday soon people will look back on this outdated practice and wonder how we ever decided to dump this toxic waste fluoride into our drinking water. See ( ) for the scientific information.

    _Read the truth produced in the best scientific information on fluoridation here: ( You will see a petition signed by almost 4000 professionals, including hundreds of dentists, hundreds of doctors, and other medical researchers calling on governments everywhere to stop fluoridation.

    There are many large scientific studies there to show that drinking fluoridated water has no positive effect on cavity reduction and to show that it causes cancer, thyroid damage, broken hips from brittle bones, lowered IQ and other health problems.

    THe World Health Organization studied 16 countries and showed fluoride is of no value for teeth. Most countries like China, India, and Japan has rejected it. Europe has rejected it and is 98% fluoride free. Many other large scientific studies in several countries show the same ineffectiveness.

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