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News from Everett

Donna Westfall of Crescent City was visiting Washington and offered to make a presentation to the Everett City Council.

We safe water campaigners were planning to take a week off, but when Donna said she wanted to speek, we decided to join her. So there were five or six of us who spoke.

This is the written version of my speech:


The presentations by myself, Carol White, Donna Westfall, Dr. David John, and Tim Bernard can be viewed on

Everett TV July 3, 2012, beginning at 29:47 minutes

We have decided to make so-called fluoridation an issue in the November election. One thing that politicians pay attention to is how people will vote. There is a City Council special election in November. There are five candidates. We will be asking them all if they will support a moratorium on fluoridation to be followed by a full study.  And other council members will be running for relection next year. For the City Council to change its position, they need to know that the public supports that decision. That is why it is important to call and email the Everett City Council about this issue. So send them a me;;;;;;;;;;;

Everett City Council 425-257-8703

Snohomish Health District (425) 339-8707

I figured out that it would help move this issue along if we politicize it.

I am running for lieutenant governor, in large part to politicize the issue state-wide. See

Constituents will call their council members. Council members will the feeling that a majority of their constituents would vote for a moratorium on fluoridation if they were asked.

As I keep saying: They have all the money, but we have all the good ideas. We can’t lose as long as we patiently persist.


James Robert Deal , Attorney