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Notice of Liability Served on Seattle and Everett
Suit Filed in Federal Court in San Diego
Suit Filed in Federal Court in Maryland

Read online at: https://www.fluoride-class-action.com/occupy-seattle-flier-10-10-11

October 10, 2011

Seattle, Everett, and most US cities fluoridate with silicofluoride; around 8% use sodium fluoride. Silicofluoride and sodium fluoride are much more toxic than naturally occurring calcium fluoride. Calcium fluoride can be fairly pure, depending on its source; sodium fluoride is industrial grade but relatively pure; silicofluoride is industrial grade toxic waste and highly contaminated with heavy metals, a poison, an enzyme interruptor, an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor.

Silicofluoride contains lead.  The EPA maximum contaminant level (MCL) for lead is 15 ppb, and the maximum contaminant level goal (MCLG) is zero. Lead permeates all cells in the body, reduces IQ, and causes kidney disease and high blood pressure.

In 2004, the Seattle papers reported that lead at up to 1,600 ppb was found in drinking water in old Seattle schools. Silicofluoride, more so than sodium fluoride, leaches lead out of brass pipes.

New brass pipes contain around 8% lead and older pipes contain as much as 30% lead. All old schools, old homes, old apartment buildings, old hospitals, old office buildings, and old factories can be expected to contain brass pipes with high lead content, which silicofluoride will leach out. If water districts stopped fluoridating with silicofluorides, lead levels in water in old buildings and in blood would drop dramatically.

Seattle commissioned some early reports on the subject. Not one report even mentioned the possibility of a connection between lead levels and fluoridation! It is politically dangerous to oppose fluoridation so nothing bad can be said about fluoride. Seattle government embarked on an expensive program of replacing pipes in schools – at enormous expense. Even if this solves the lead problem in schools, it will not solve the lead problem in old homes, old apartment buildings, old hospitals, old office buildings, and old factories. Terminating fluoridation would stop most lead leaching much more effectively than replacing pipes and at no cost.

Fluoridation exists within a blindspot. It has become an article of faith. The ADA tells dentists that they need not try to understand the science behind fluoridation. They need only believe the mystery and spread the gospel of fluoridation. Dentists have been excommunicated for questioning it. A politician who opposes fluoridation will have to contend with the wrath and bottomless war chest of the pro-fluoride dental lobby, who probably get their money indirectly from the silicofluoride manufacturers. The chemical and toothpaste companies donate money to dental and medical colleges, so the colleges pressure dentists to support fluoridation.

Silicofluoride also contains arsenic, a confirmed Type 1, Class A human carcinogen. For arsenic the MCL is 10 ppb and the MCLG is zero. A zero MCLG for lead and arsenic means that there is no level of lead or arsenic which can safely be added to drinking water.

Silicofluoride has not yet been proven to be a carcinogen, but it is recognized as a poison. As little as seven grams of silicofluoride or sodium fluoride, the weight of seven paper clips, can kill a 70 kg adult. It would take a half pound of calcium fluoride to do the same. The one milligram of silicofluoride per liter which our cities add to drinking water is of course not immediately fatal, however, a healthy adult is only able to excrete half of all fluoride consumed, while the body retains the other half. Fluoride seeks out calcium and is retained in calcium rich areas of the body. Once in our bones, fluoride can never be removed.

Kidneys at best only excrete half the fluoride we consume. The effect is cumulative. After a decade or less of drinking fluoridated water, our bones can be around 5,000 ppm fluoride, and as a result we feel stiff and lethargic. In our 50s and 60s, bone and other tissues can be up to 12,000 ppm fluoride, depending on water hardness and one’s diet, making bones brittle. Fractured pelvises are twice as common in fluoridated areas. One who drinks fluoridated water all his life will be less healthy as he ages and may have a shorter life span.

Silicofluoride affects bones, joints, and tendons and exacerbates arthritic symptoms. Silicofluoride is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor and a general enzyme inhibitor. It denatures proteins. It slowly but surely attacks the thyroid, pituitary, pineal, and other glands. Fluoride builds up in the kidneys and prevents them from functioning normally and hastens death by kidney failure. Those on kidney dialysis may find that their kidneys would heal if they would stop drinking fluoridated water.

Silicofluoride breaks down in such a way that the fluoride ion binds with aluminum. Aluminum fluoride passes the blood-brain barrier, delivering aluminum into the brain, which is believed to cause or worsen Alzheimer’s disease.

Blacks, Hispanics, and the poor in general are more sensitive to lead, arsenic, and silicofluoride than the general population. Alveda King, Bernice King, Andrew Young see  fluoridation as a new civil rights issue. https://www.fluoride-class-action.com/alveda-king-andrew-young-against-fluoride.

Babies are most sensitive because their cells are still dividing, because they drink so much fluids relative to their body weight, and because their kidneys are not mature and excrete only 20% of fluoride consumed. CDC, ADA, AMA, the surgeon general, and others have advised that formula not be mixed using fluoridated water. But the poor are unable to buy and haul fluoride-free water home or filter it out. Only an expensive filter or distiller can remove the tiny fluoride ion. This is an admission that the poor are definitely being harmed, poor babies in particular.

Athletes, hard laborers, and those with diabetes and kidney disease are highly vulnerable because they drink up to ten times as much water as typical people. The dose cannot be controlled.

In all of Western Washington, we are especially susceptible to the slow but certain ravages of fluoride because our snow melt water is exceptionally soft and contains little calcium, which would bind with and tie up fluoride.

The silicofluoride used is the unfiltered and unprocessed scrubber liquor from the smoke stacks of phosphate fertilizer plants in Florida, Louisiana, Mexico, and China. It contains trace amounts of nearly every element on the periodic table. It is not pharmaceutical grade. Silicofluoride has never been approved by the FDA, EPA, or any other federal or state agency for consumption in public drinking water. Fluorides have been approved for topical use, as in toothpaste, but the fluoride is to be spat out. If it is swallowed, one is to call poison control.

The National Sanitation Foundation – NSF – is a chemical company trade association, funded by EPA to certify silicofluoride fraudulently to approve its use. Washington and some 42 other states require that only NSF 60 fluoride be used. NSF claims on its web site and in the NSF 60 book that it obtains health and toxicological studies, however, this is a lie. NSF operates as a sham FDA.

One small Office of Drinking Water within the CDC pushes fluoridation, but the CDC has no authority whatsoever to approve or disapprove fluoridation. The CDC, EPA, and the surgeon general all endorse fluoridation. The CDC claims it is one of the ten greatest health achievements of the 20th Century. However, endorsements do not prove anything. One must look at the science. Following release of the 2006 National Research Council Report on Fluoridation, it is clear that fluoridation is instead one of the ten greatest frauds of the 20th Century.

Cities buy silicofluoride scrubber liquor by the tanker truck load and pour it at a steady rate, day after day into our water. Fluoridation is expensive. Silicofluoride corrodes equipment and shortens its useful life. Hazmat suits must be worn to handle silicofluoride. When the liquid is spilled on concrete, it burns a hole through it, as it will do to steel and glass. In this era of declining tax revenues and budget cuts it is hard to justify adding dilute toxic waste to drinking water. For every ton of silicofluoride added to water, one must add a half ton of sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate. That’s right, we are adding Draino® and soda ash to our drinking water.

Silicofluoride is not a mere additive such as chlorine, which is added to kill bacteria. Chlorine evaporates out of water overnight if left in an open pitcher. Silicofluoride is intended as medication and delivered without prescription, without inquiry into preexisting conditions and contraindications or conflicts with other drugs being taken, without informed consent, and with no control over dose or duration of use.

Silicofluoride is added allegedly to reduce tooth decay, however, documents posted on the CDC website claim only an 18-25% reduction in tooth decay. Other credible studies show no reduction. Tooth decay has dropped just as much in non-fluoridated Europe as in fluoridated United States, so fluoridation cannot be the causal factor.

Documents posted on the CDC website admit that the effect of fluoride on teeth is topical and not systemic, but strangely, CDC still endorses drinking fluoride. Documents on the CDC website admit that 41% of children 12 – 15 years old have at least mild fluorosis (white spots), while 8.6% suffer from moderate fluorosis (brown spots), and 3.6% suffer from severe fluorosis (brown spots and pitting). Fluorosis can be ugly. Fluorosis should not be forced on people just so tooth decay can allegedly be reduced and only slightly. The way to cut tooth decay is to quit eating junk food and drinking pop.

Seattle and Everett have been served Notice of Potential Liability in connection with the lead, arsenic, and silicofluoride which they add to drinking water. Cities should consult with their insurance carriers to confirm they will be covered when the class action and mass toxic tort actions come. Cities can reduce their liability by instituting an immediate one-year moratorium on fluoridation, thus showing good faith after all these years of fluoridating unquestioningly and without understanding the science. Failure on the part of these cities to look at the science regarding fluoridation will constitute reckless indifference to the harms caused and expose them to liability.

Smaller towns, those which must buy fluoridated water from larger districts should demand that the pipe to their city carry non-fluoridated water and that in the meantime they be held harmless from liability.

Clean and pure water is a fundamental human right. It should not be the responsibility of consumers to remove toxic waste from their water. Water departments should stop adding it. It violates our constitutional right to privacy to have a drug forced on us.

What you can do: Write or email the Everett City Council or the Seattle City Council or whatever city council. Demand that they put the silico-fluoride issue on the agenda and put a moratorium on fluoridation.

Send Freedom-of-Information FOIA requests. Attend city council meetings and make three minute speeches during the public comment period. When they fail to reply to your letters, write another letter pointing out that they are failing to do due diligence. Send a fluoride questionnaire to all elected officials.

Recruit attorneys to work on this project on a pro bono basis and send Notice of Potential Liability. (Attorneys will work for free to start with, but fluoride lawsuits will turn out to be lucrative.) Attorneys can quickly put the Fluoride Class Action documents on their own letterhead and make a big impact.

More reading: Letters to HHS and EPA:

https://www.fluoride-class-action.com/hhs/report-card-for-hhs. https://www.fluoride-class-action.com/hhs/comments-re-lead.

Tetraethyl lead, foisted on America by the same Kettering Institute which conned America into fluoridating.

50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation

Print this flier in quantity. Hand them out. You will find the Word version here: Modify this them if you want. Hand them out. Forward them to other Occupy groups.

To follow links, read this flier online here.


James Robert Deal, Attorney, WSBA Number 8103
President, www.Fluoride-Class-Action.com
Vice-President, www.WashingtonSafeWater.com
Member, www.FluorideDetective.com



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