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Dear Everett Safe Water,

Suggestion for Tuesday 10-9-12 3 pm meeting with Sno Health Dist


3020 Rucker Ave, #306, Everett, WA 98201


Read and listen to the secret meeting which Sno Health Dist held on fluoridation:

Point out all the issues that were not covered – most of them. And the illogical and inaccurate way other issues were covered.

Write out your speeches please so I can post them on

I am asking fluoridation experts elsewhere – including Dr. Sauerheber and Dr. Osmunson – to write 3 minute speeches, which our members can read into the record.

Suggested Project:

Someone please start with this flier:

Slim it down to one page, one side so our members can make and hand out a lot of copies.

Handouts will invite people to join our email lists and give them addresses of elected officials to write to.

We need more footsoldiers.

Also Everett Safe Water needs someone other than myself who can speak for Everett Safe Water.

I am just a member who makes suggestions to the others. I don’t live in Everett.

It would be best for Everett Safe Water to have a threesome of leaders who live in Everett.

After you set up your own leadership, I will still keep helping you in the same way I am doing now.