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May 13, 2012

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 Everett City Council to Hold Hearing on Fluoridation


On February 9 of this year, Everett Utilities turned the fluoride off to repair pipes in the fluoridation building. The pipes were leaking hydrogen fluoride. Safe water groups urged the City Council not to restart fluoridation and to hold hearings. (The Herald, “Fluoridated Water Supply: Utility should have to prove its safety”, March 24.)

Fluoride defenders published a reply, saying that fluoridation is “safe and effective”. (The Herald, “Fluoridated Water a safe, low-cost public health tool”, April 5). On April 10, Everett Utilities turned the fluoride back on.

We disagree with the fluoride defenders, and we have released a reply. Fluoridation is neither safe nor effective. See

The type of fluoride used is industrial grade. It contains lead, arsenic, and many other contaminants. It leaches lead from plumbing. It causes ugly and embarrassing dental fluorosis to around 12% of children age 12-15, around 4,500 children in the 700,000 person Everett Water District. Harm is especially great to fetuses, infants, diabetics (who consume more water), and those with kidney and thyroid disease. And there is strong evidence that drinking fluoride does little or nothing to reduce dental decay.

The Everett City Council has taken an important step. Led by Council President Ron Gipson, the Council has decided to put this issue on the agenda and hold a hearing at the Council meeting on June 6 at 6:30.

Please study the information on our web site, write or call your favorite Council members, and attend the June 6 meeting.



James Robert Deal, Attorney


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