February 27, 2012


Everett Utilities turned off the fluoride on February 9.

CPVC pipes in the fluoridation building had lost their integrity and were leaking hydrogen fluoride, among the most poisonous and penetrating of all substances.

Everett sells water to some 700,000 people from Marysville to Edmonds.

The fluoridation building sits on one corner of the treatment plant, which is located north of Sultan at Lake Chaplain. The fluoride will be off until pipes and control systems can be replaced.

Dentist Bill Osmunson, attorneys James Robert Deal and Gerald Steel, Fluoride-Class-Action, and Washington Action for Safe Water are urging Everett not to restart fluoridation without first holding hearings regarding the safety and effectiveness of the industrial grade fluoridation materials used.

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Primary contact person: James Robert Deal, 425-771-1110,

Dr. Bill Osmunson, DDS, MPH, says:

The industrial grade silicofluoride added to our water slowly harm us all. However, I choose to focus first on infants and fetuses. They are hurt the most and the quickest.

The type of fluoride used contains lead and arsenic. Arsenic is a type one confirmed human carcinogen. Lead is only slightly less toxic. They both  permeate every cell in the body. There is no amount of arsenic or lead which we can safely add to drinking water.

Infants and fetuses are most vulnerable because their cells are still dividing and because their kidneys are undeveloped and cannot excrete toxins well. These toxins cross the placental barrier and the blood-brain barrier, and numerous Chinese studies show lower intelligence in fluoridated areas. We are dumbing down our children. The CDC and the ADA admit that we are giving dental fluorosis to 41 percent of our children. Around a quarter of fluorosis cases are ugly and difficult and costly to cover up.

Most dentists believe fluoride is effective topically, but many have come to believe that that it does not work systemically and therefore should not be forced on everyone through our drinking water. Dental associations still punish dentists who question fluoridation.

I supported fluoridation for 25 years – until I studied the science. I have read hundreds, maybe thousands of journal articles and books on the subject. Fluoridation is a myth, just like tetraethyl lead, asbestos, tobacco, and DDT.

Dr. Osmunson, DDS, MPH, is the president of Washington Action for Safe Water. He is a cosmetic dentist practicing in Bellevue and Portland. Before becoming a dentist, he worked as a professional in public health. Contact Dr. Osmunson at 425-466-0100,

Washington Action for Safe Water is a non-profit association which focuses on educating city councils, the Washington Board of Health, and Governor Gregoire on all aspects of safe and clean water.

James Robert Deal, Lynnwood attorney and president of Fluoride Class Action, says:

The industrial grade fluorosilicic acid which Everett uses to fluoridate fails to meet legal standards, and so it is illegal to fluoridate with it.

Washington law, WAC 246-290-220(3), says that

any treatment chemicals … added to water intended for potable use must comply with ANSI/NSF Standard 60.

What does NSF 60 say? The NSF web site and the NSF Standard for Drinking Water Additives, say:

Standard 60 … requires a toxicology review to determine that the product is safe at its maximum use level and … to determine if any contaminant concentrations have the potential to cause adverse human health effects. … The NSF standard requires … assays of genetic toxicity, … reproductive toxicity, … chronic toxicity … endocrine disruption …. The NSF Joint Committee … consists of … [among others] … product manufacturing representatives.

However, NSF officials have admitted, one of them under oath, that toxicological studies are not being done.

(See transcript of California deposition (, pages 22, 67).

Thus fluoridation materials do not “comply” with NSF 60.

Fluoridation may only be done with fluoridation materials which “comply” with NSF 60. The fluoride Everett uses does not comply with NSF 60. Therefore, fluoridation with it is illegal.

Deal says:

Our two groups have explained this to the Everett City Council on a dozen occasions since July. Some council members admit they drink bottled water. A video of my explanation to the City Council is posted on the City’s web site, however the ending, in which I state that fluoridation with these materials is illegal, was cut off.

The Everett City Council is trying very hard to ignore this issue, but I think they eventually will come around. The industrial grade silicofluoride is poisoning them too – and their children and grandchildren.

Deal says:

On the litigation front, water districts should take heed of the fluoridation lawsuits which have been filed in federal courts in California, Maryland, and in the Washington courts.

 Three safe water groups presented their case to the Seattle City Attorney’s office on January 9.

Fluoride Class Action has written to Jenny Durkin, US Attorney in Seattle, asking her to bring appropriate action to stop these violations of law. See

Fluoride Class Action is an informal group of attorneys and scientists from far and wide who share ideas and work together to warn utility districts of their potential liability if they continue to add industrial grade fluoride to drinking water. Fluoride Class Action posts information at

Attorney Deal is the president of Fluoride Class Action. He can be contacted at 425-771-1110,

Dr. Richard Sauerheber, PhD says:

Consuming fluoride does not in any way strengthen teeth. It makes all bones more brittle. Fluoride binds with calcium in bones and organs throughout the body.

It is a long term chronic poison for adults. It is a short-term acute poison for fetuses and babies. Their cells are still dividing. Fluoride interrupts enzymatic action. It denatures proteins. It is an anticholinesterase inhibitor. It damages brain tissue and reduces IQ while the fetus is still in the womb. There is no safe level of fluoride in drinking water. The same can be said for the lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, and a host of other toxins included with the silicofluoride.

Applying fluoride to teeth as toothpaste or concentrated gel does not in any way strengthen teeth. The fluoride in toothpaste bonds only weakly to calcium in teeth, and as soon as we eat anything acidic, the fluoride washes right off, and we swallow it. We are eating our tooth paste and getting a big dose of fluoride as we do.

Fluoridated toothpaste should be sold by prescription only and be kept away from children. Too many children lock themselves in the bathroom and eat toothpaste as if it were ice cream and become permanently hypersensitized.

The body needs no fluoride whatsoever. The less fluoride we consume the better.

Dr. Sauerheber says:

Further, silicofluoride leaches lead from pipes and fittings. Seattle schools and all older buildings have a lead problem. When fluoridation stops, blood lead levels drop.

Do not bathe infants in fluoridated water. Their skin is soft and the keratin layer has not built up, and so fluoride penetrates their skin.

Dr. Richard Sauerheber can be contacted at (760) 402-1173, He has a Ph.D. in chemistry and teaches at Palomar College in San Diego. He has published numerous peer reviewed articles in scientific journals.

Deal says:

Members of our two groups toured the water treatment facility at Sultan. The hydrogen fluoride molecule is tiny and neutral in charge and slips through tiny cracks in aging CPVC pipe. The window in the door into the building was frosted with acidic etchings from hydrogen fluoride in the air.

The fluoridation building has powerful fans that constantly suck air up and out through vents on the roof of the building. Nevertheless, there was enough hydrogen fluoride in the air to make me dizzy, and I had to leave the building right away.

Not only is the interior of the fluoridation building vented, the three fluoride tanks themselves are vented – directly onto the roof. Hydrogen fluoride is constantly escaping into the air above the building.

Contact Everett Water Processing at 425-257-8878 for more information or to arrange a tour.

Attorney and engineer Gerald Steel of Olympia says:

The Washington State Supreme Court is considering our appeal that argues that fluoridation products are drugs and prescription drugs that are unapproved by the Food and Drug Administration and are therefore being illegally marketed.  It would be wise for Everett to put fluoridation on hold until the Court rules on this issue.  Distribution of fluoridation products and fluoridation products in public drinking water may be a criminal offense.

Gerald Steel is an attorney and professional engineer. He is the lead attorney in a suit against the City of Port Angeles and the City of Forks that requests that their fluoridation products be seized for being unapproved drugs.  Contact him at 360-867-1166,

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