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Robert Pocock of Dublin asks:

Are you aware of the FDA’s Medwatch programme designed to permit people to report adverse events of medical devices and drugs ?

Please see this PIP implant story …and the point in it that most women are not even aware of Medwatch !

While I realise that the FDA has not licensed fluorosilicic acid, nevertheless that does not invalidate the citizen’s right to report an adverse event eg if that citizen has got dental fluorosis.

Best wishes for 2012,

Robert Pocock


Report your negative drug reaction to fluoride here:


From Dr. Richard Sauerheber:

I know people who have reported adverse fluoride reactions to the FDA through that program and nothing much is being done about them. For example one man in NY City was poisoned to near death by a dentist with an oral syringe full of a new form of fluorophosphate. It was squirted on a cavity to ‘kill’ the cavity but was all absorbed sublingually. His urine flow stopped altogether and he was unable to move for 3 days. His eyesight was nearly completely gone for several months. His urine total fluoride was an astronomical value that is usually lethal.  It has been a few years since the incident and he still has a lot of effects. His complaint to the FDA has not produced any warnings.

I think it was good he sent in the report and if someone were to eat a toothpaste tube and collapse these reports are necessary. But for chronic consumption of fluoridated water where there are no provable quick serious effects in most people I’m not sure if it would be worth sending in. For example, I know 3 people who lived in their youth in fluoridated cities and they all now are having bone surgeries, from elbow to hip to kneee replacements, but I doubt the FDA would get excited about it because it took 30 years for that to happen and they have a tendencyy then to blame it on coincidence or something else.

Someone like Audrey Adam’s son with autism though could be appropriate to report and those with genuine fluoride allergy where reactions happen every time and stop when fluoride water is stopped and they reappear when it is consumed again I think also should be sent in.

But keep in mind we already have two large textbooks worth of such cases described in detail by Waldbott and yet the FDA seems impervious to it all.




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