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by | Mar 24, 2012 | Everett | 1 comment

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The news from Washington:

I put an ad in the Everett Herald:

Which linked to this page:

So we had guests show up at the city council meeting, and we made new members who seem interested in helping organize.

I delivered the city council a copy of the press release:

I explained to the council that the fluoridation materials are not legal. Wash law says that the materials must comply with NSF 60. NSF 60 says that tox studies are done and that additives had to be safe at maximum use levels. But NSF official Stan Hazan has said under oath that tox studies are not being done. Fluoridation can only be done with materials that comply with NSF. Therefore there are no legal fluoridation materials and fluoridation itself is illegal.

Now that the fluoride has been turned off, the tables have turned. They are going to have to take affirmative action to turn it back on. That will be an illegal action.

I gave them a copy of the 2005 letter the FDA wrote stating that making untrue medical claims about a product can be a CRIME.

I am going to hammer on that point.

And the local paper published this opinion piece:

The additional good news is that the op-ed editor says that he will publish as many intelligent 300 word letters to the editor as we send him. He has been listening via the web to all the speeches that Fluoride Class Action and Washington Safe Water have been giving.

On Friday Audrey Adams and I – representing Washington Action for Safe Water and Fluoride Class Action – attended the Snohomish Health District seminar on Fluoride.

Howard Pollack, defender of the fluoride faith, cruised along from 8:30 until 10:00 about how great fluoridation was.

At the intermission I handed out my broadsheet:

Thereafter Howard Pollack seemed to be flustered. He asked me if I knew Paul Connett, and I said “of course”.

Audrey and I asked a lot of questions and made our arguments.

Also present was Mark Weeks, who gave a virtual tour of the water treatment plant. I asked him if they ever suited up in hazmat gear when working with the fluoride. He said they did not even have one. He said they didn’t even use breathers or masks. He said they did not even own any hazmat suits. He said that the ventilation removed ten volumes of air every hour and that was protection enough.

The Washington Dental Foundation was there too. They are unquestioning supporters of fluoridation. I think they are funded by the Pew Foundation. The lady said that if she knew there was anything wrong with fluoridation, they would not support it. I intend to write them a letter.

I will publish more about the conference when I have time. Now back to work.

Sincerely,James Robert Deal , Attorney

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  1. Ellen Corke

    Excellent work James! Unfortunately some cities take longer to wake up than others. Our city council didn’t even want to hear facts or science. I wish I could get our ‘Anniston Star’ newspaper here to print an opinion piece. Even at their 100 word limit, it would be SOMETHING! Guess I’ll have to purchase an ad space………

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