Sauerheber Responds to Goldblum 6-4-12

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Richard D. Sauerheber, Ph.D.
Palomar Community College
1140 W. Mission Rd., San Marcos, CA 92069
E-mail:   Phone: 760-402-1173

June 4, 2012

Dr. Gary Goldbaum, Director
Snohomish Health District
3020 Rucker Street, Suite 306
Everett, WA 98201-3971
Also sent by fax to 425-339-5263
Also sent by email to:


Dear Dr. Goldbaum,


By way of introduction, I should say that I serve as science advisor to Fluoride Class Action. I have published numerous peer reviewed articles in scholarly and scientific journals. Some of them are posted at:


I currently have a case open with the FDA regarding the safety, effectiveness, and legality of drinking water fluoridation. See my 21 letters to the FDA on this subject, including FDA’s responses at:


I respect your openness to engage with us on this important issue. I have read your letter to James Robert Deal dated June 1, 2012, and posted at:


I am writing to point out some errors which you made in that letter. I hope you will accept my criticism in the positive tone in which it is offered. I am confident that a person with your educational background will be able to come to a clearer understanding regarding these issues and ultimately switch sides.

Read the rest of this letter here:



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