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PO Box 2276, Lynnwood, Washington  98036-2276
Telephone 425-771-1110, Fax 425-776-8081

February 7, 2012


Simplot Phosphates LLC
Attention: Legal Department
515 South Hwy 430
Rock Springs WY 82901


Dear Legal Department,

I am writing to you to express concern regarding the health and safety of the industrial grade fluorosilicic acid which Simplot sells to the City of Everett and to ask questions regarding the same.

My interest in this matter is personal. I reside in Lynnwood Washington. Lynnwood is a “captive” water district of Everett, meaning that it buys water from Everett and delivers it to my home, including Simplot’s industrial grade fluorosilicic acid. Lynnwood never voted to have industrial grade fluorosilicic acid added to our water, and we would like it out.

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