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From a Singapore attorney:

Yes. Singapore is fluoridated.

It is almost impossible to do anything about water fluoridation here.

The legal profession and judiciary (most senior lawyers and judges) are totally controlled, brainwashed and very self-righteous…lots of high degree masons. They tend to have a thing for water fluoridation and population control. And worse, most people here do not care about water fluoridation.

Everybody here I tried talking to will mock me if not tease me that “they are still alive” and “making more money” or “have more life experience” than me so I have no right…it is as if they are all possessed or something. Or if they do know, they will challenge that I should become “rich” so I can just take care of myself and then maybe talk to them again…and people who are poor here who cannot afford bottled water and expensive supplements…I can’t tell them too much. It is almost cruel. At the end of the day, I am like, “wtf….” I don’t care anymore. They can all ugly go to hell. I just don’t feel that energy and passion I used to have when I was living in the West and meeting like-minded people.

And I thought it was tough in Australia. It is worse here. It seems the more “developed” or “modernised”  a country or city is, the more apathetic the people living there are. And the more modern day diseases the people living there have to suffer. And they actually think (e.g. brainwashed) that it is “normal” to have cancer, tumor, depression, skin problems etc etc…and so the vicious cycle and wheel of the pharmaceutical drug medical hospital cartel industry keep turning…

Further, Singapore is heavily Americanised and influenced by the West (e.g. USA and UK). Anything that the ‘American Authority’ (e.g. WHO and FDA) says is good or endorse (e.g. water fluoridation, vaccination and climate change) – the Singapore government will suck up to them and follows. My research reveals to me that water fluoridation actually originated in communist countries and from the nazist. I think UK or the Queen has a hand or two with water fluoridation. Kinda’ managed to “cast a spell” upon America and cause her to go along with it. And is now using her to get the whole world fluoridated.

Until and unless America as a whole ban and declare water fluoridation to be unsafe and redundant, there is simply little if no chance for Singapore and the rest of the world to ban water fluoridation.

I have a strange feeling that Singapore is totally in it with the NWO…America was once the greatest land of liberty and peace and even sort of saved the world from the Nazist, communist and Japan Imperialism…now the NWO has infiltrated and using her like a whore for oppression, wars, brainwashing and malevolent global eugenic. Very sad.