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Singapore started fluoridating its water in 1956, at a time when Singapore was making the decision to make a great economic leap forward and become prosperous. Water fluoridation was viewed as modern and good for all.

Singapore has succeeded fabulously in becoming a place where all live well. However, it residents are not rich in dental health. Children there have a significant level of dental fluorosis. In 1996

the community fluorosis index was at 1.96; 9.2% of children had severe fluorosis and 26.2% had moderate fluorosis.

There are more and more dentists today who are taking the position that they favor fluoride applied topically – as in toothpaste – but oppose putting it in drinking water.

When fluoride is in drinking water there is no way to control the dose. Certain sub-populations are especially sensitive, fetuses, infants, diabetics, and those with kidney disease.

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