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What is called fluoridation is so absurd that it boggles the mind why city councils are so determined to do it.

The so-called fluoride contains lead and arsenic and leaches lead from pipes. The so-called fluoride contains hydrogen fluoride, one of the most deadly of all substances.

Why would any person – including a city council it his right mind choose to make everyone drinking such filth?

There are even educated people who believe in this myth. How is this possible?

To begin with most people have not looked into the subject. They just believe trusted authority figures – people who have MD and DDS degrees – who assure them that it is “safe and effective”.

I too once thought that fluoridation was a great thing. Trusted authority figures said it was a great thing. I was trapped in a fluoride maze. They were trapped too. We have all been trapped in that or other mazes, and it can be hard to find our way out. I tell the story of how it took us sixty years to escape from the tetraethyl lead maze. The exits are blocked with barriers such as endorsements by government agencies, or the doctors and dentists we know and trust.


Studying the subject of water contamination gives people a headache. It is hard to put the pieces together. It is hard to understand how something so harmful and illegal could have persisted for so long. You wonder if we are just imagining all these bad things about fluoridation. You wonder which side is telling the truth. If we are saying that the pro-fluoridation people are dupes and deceivers, you wonder whether we might instead be the dupes and deceivers.

The feeling is called cognitive dissonance. It is like listening to music written in an eastern scale our ears do not know. Critics of fluoridation just sound all wrong because they are saying something dramatically different from what you have heard all your life. This is why the Big Lie technique can be so effective. Ironically, the bigger the lie, the easier it is to maintain it and for longer periods of time.

More later …