Tetraethyl Lead



Everett City Council
3002 Wetmore Ave
Everett, WA 98201
Hand Delivered

Everett should put an immediate moratorium on adding silicofluoride scrubber liquor toxic waste to our drinking water. We have pointed out that it contains lead and arsenic, that it reduces tooth decay only slightly if at all, that it denatures proteins and interferes with enzymatic functioning, and that it causes dental fluorosis and many other maladies. Today I change subjects slightly and tell the story of tetraethyl lead. I do so because its story is so similar to the fluoridation story. In both cases chemical companies lied and are lying to increase profits.

In the 1920s ethyl alcohol was being mixed with gasoline to prevent engines from knock or pinging. It worked fine. Then industry discovered tetraethyl lead. Tetraethyl lead had some minor advantages [it is still used in piston aircraft], but it was poisonous. There was more money to be made with tetraethyl lead, so captains of industry manipulated government to allow its use. (Robert Kehoe of the Kettering Laboratories promoted both tetraethyl lead and fluoride. Tetraethyl lead was phased out starting in 1973. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4315996929746966653; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antiknock_agent)

“Ethyl brand leaded gasoline — tetra-ethyl lead … one of the world’s greatest environmental disasters. [W]hole nations were poisoned. General Motors, Standard Oil and the Ethyl Corp. claimed there were no alternatives …. But there were alternatives. … Three grams of tetra ethyl lead [or] 15 percent ethyl alcohol [CH3–CH2–OH] both improved a fuel’s power [equally well]. [Tetraethyl lead] was cheap, but it was a well known poison. …Just after World War I, American engineers made their choice [for tetraethyl lead]. (Putting profit above public health was nothing new for American industry, but it had never been done on such a massive scale and with such deadly results…” http://www.radford.edu/~wkovarik/ethylwar/)

“Leaded gasoline created enormous profits … at the expense of the health of the many. The [story] shows what can happen when the precautionary principle is ignored. …” http://www.radford.edu/~wkovarik/papers/ethylconflict.html)

The point of my story is this: Everett City fathers should quit being naïve. The same Robert Kehoe of the same Kettering Laboratories promoted both tetraethyl lead and fluoride. Big chemical companies will lie to you to maximize profits.

You have been scammed and defrauded into buying and injecting silicofluorides into our and your water. It is time for a moratorium.


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