The Fluoride Conspiracy

by | Dec 17, 2013 | Fluoridation | 1 comment

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  1. marg port

    I am part of the 1% who cannot tolerate ANY exposure to fluoride. One glass of fluoridated water, or one cup of fluoridated tea, one glass of reconstituted fruit juice or a fluoridated shower sets me up for a major health crisis within six hours. Then for the next two days I cannot breathe. After much testing and research, i have figured out that the blood vessel from my heart to my lungs goes into spasm. Officially pulmonary hypertension. Usually caused by a diet drug called Fenfen. Fluoridated Fen fen is now banned as too dangerous to use. I did not take this drug. I was overdosed by a fluoridated anaesthetic as a teenager. If I live in a fluoridated area, I cannot function. In a non fluoridated area, if I am careful to avoid any sources of fluoride, I can function enough to look after myself and live a normal life. I guess I am collateral damage and it is not a very nice label to wear. I don’t believe it is only 1%. I think the long term damage is closer to 90%. Second and third generations, who knows? From my research, I believe fluoride ultimately causes infertility so the fourth generation may not even happen!

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