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Doug Cross, BSc, CBiol, EurProBiol, FSB


February 15, 2010
You said you wanted a fast response torespond to your Amici brief, so here goes!
I have attached a paper that I have (coincidentally) just completed – on the toxicological and ecotoxicological implications of the wholesale release of novel forms of fluoride in the environment. This emphasises a rather neglected field in this debate – the synergistic effect of fluoride on aluminium toxicity and the potential enhancement of the dangers of neurodegenerative diseases. I have not yet decided where to publish it – haven’t even had time to give it a thought – but if this is helpful, please feel free to use it.
The paper contains a very important addition to the fluoride debate (last paragraph on page 1 and following short section, page 2) – clear evidence that fluoridated water at 1.3 ppm has no prophylactic effect in a population whose only source of fluoride was its water supply. Over a period of 7,000 years, the communities affected had terrible teeth, and fluoridated toothpaste did not exist.
A professional coleague is a retired dentist who spent years veneering the fluorosed teeth of wealthy Arabs in Bahrain. He has personally examined some of the archaeological remains in the Bahrain Museum, and vouches for the fact that the condition of the teeth and bones there was caused by fluorosis, so we have independent professional verification of the evidence published by Frolich and Littlejohn cited in the text.
Hope this is helpful to you.
Best regards
Doug Cross