Water Fluoridation and Crime in America

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Water Fluoridation and Crime in America

Jay Seaveya
Manchester, NH, USA

SUMMARY: A four-part study explores possible connections between water
fluoridation and crime in America. Part A, Media-reported crime database and
fluoridation, presents an observational database of violent crimes, mostly multiple
shootings, and finds an unusually high percentage of them associated with water
fluoridation, suggesting the existence of a “fluoride-related” category of crime. A
low-end threshold for the toxic effects of fluoridation of 0.3 ppm is identified, and
the term “fluoridated” is defined here as having a fluoride level of 0.3 ppm or higher.
In Part B, Online crime database and fluoridation, a published database of year 2000
crime data for 327 US cities over 75,000 population, representing 80 million
Americans, was expanded to include fluoridation data for these cities. Water
fluoridation was consistently associated with high crime rates at all population
levels. Part C, Book crime database and fluoridation, examines year 2000 crime
statistics for six major crimes in the same 327 cities according to their fluoridation
status. Cities having natural fluoridation, or which use silicofluorides or sodium
fluoride, are shown to have substantially higher crime levels than nonfluoridated
cities. Part D, Lead related crime, quantifies the amount of crime historically
associated with lead intoxication, thus identifying a remainder which may be
associated with fluorides. This study presents a data-backed hypothesis about one
possible cause of crime; it is not a definitive statement about crime causality.

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