When a Hypersensitive Person Bathes in Fluorosilicic Water

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When a Hypersensitive Person Bathes in Fluorosilicic Water


Hi Donna (Westfall),

It was a treat to meet you — thank you so much for coming yesterday and adding your excellent Crescent City Council Member voice to the efforts of Washington Action for Safe Water!

You asked for more information about how I am affected when I take a bath in fluoridated water.

Within 10 min to 1/2 hr:

—          headache, stiff neck — altogether, craniosacral alignment <–> respiratory movement gets suddenly lost and jammed;

—          abnormally-stinky armpits (even when they’d smelled fine at start of bath; I eventually realized this wasn’t just sweat–>detox, but system’s outraged attempt to offload newly added toxic burden).

Within an hour or so,

—          hayfever (itchy eyes, red swollen eyelids, sneezly stuffed nose)

…progressing into

—          sore throat, cold, and cough, for weeks — all concurrent with re-loss of food-assimilation  — right back into the downspiral (food intolerances/allergies and all the accompanying much-longer-list of ill-effects), requiring months of nutritional detox-work all over again.  … starting with, several weeks’ fasting (or else the cold devolves further into complete concrete-nose for weeks, sore-throat becomes mouth + throat full of canker sores all the way down, horrendous cough lasts for months, every time the cold seems winding down it starts up all over again…it’s many years since I’ve done these last-mentioned verses of this dance; but all the steps up through the weeks-of-enforced-fasting have remained the same — to the extent that I’m not alert enough to stop short of them in the first place).

I can precipitate this cascade also by drinking F water for half a day, or eating a couple of meals cooked on it — and just the same with filtered (i.e. maybe-dechlorinated but still fluoridated) water.   (I find chlorine, too, pretty corrosive — but it can be filtered out.)

For a bit more detail, here’s my letter to Everett’s June 6 F hearing:


Olemara Peters, Washington Action for Safe Water
PO Box 222
Redmond, WA 98073
June 6, 2012

Everett City Council
2930 Wetmore Avenue
Everett, WA 98201                                                                                                                                  

Dear Councilmembers,


First, my condolences, to the Council and the community, on the loss of Drew Nielsen.


Thank you for giving good thought to the matter of fluoridation!


I’ve learned fluoride’s ill-effects the hard way. For me they include (within hours of exposure) headache, hayfever, then a persistent sore throat and canker sores and cold and cough, disrupted sleep, muscle spasms (“charlie horses”), aching joints and muscles, digestive upsets…  This cascade of troubles is triggered, for me, by drinking even one or two glasses of fluoridated water, or eating one or two meals cooked with it or grown on it, or soaking in a tub of it. Filtered water doesn’t help — that’s how I learned (by repeated experience) that filtration doesn’t remove fluoride.


Initially I was able to reduce these problems by addressing them as food-allergies/intolerances; however, I went on to lose the use of 90% of kinds of food, and kept losing more — even over years of 5-day food-rotation, keeping a complete food-diary, and other such preoccupying practices. Nobody should ever have to do them again — I did enough for everybody! But I did learn a lot that I hope others can find an easier way to learn.


For 6 years I did the rounds of healthcare professionals, both medical and alternative.


In 1979 I also began using unfluoridated water — at least at home, for drinking and cooking — though I didn’t yet fully realize its significance.


In 1981 I finally found a holistic resource (one of the nutritional kinesiologies) that knew what it was doing. It knitted my biochemical downspiral back up, and in the first 2 months of it, I got back safe use of 80% of those foods.  For 30 years since then, I’ve been able to eat freely — except that any fluoride exposure knocks me back into the downspiral (requiring weeks or months of stringent detox-practices all over again, to rebuild my assimilation). I had to learn this many times over (because avoiding fluoride, in this society where it’s everywhere, is such a challenge that I really didn’t want to know — it makes it nearly impossible to travel, eat out, spend much time with family and friends or at professional meetings…). But it’s become clear that — for me at least — food allergies and intolerances (blocked assimilation, and the raging hunger and all the other signals that go with them) are all only an intermediate step of causality — fluoride is the top link in the whole chain.


I would not have been able to discover that — or survive long enough TO discover it — but for my household’s already baseline practice of unfluoridated water.


According to studies, humans retain 50-80% of all fluoride we take in (see references 1), 2), 3), below). Even humans in the best of health accumulate 50% of our any fluoride intake. That means even people who don’t yet experience any uncomfortable signals would do well to remember that their fluoride exposures are using up their reserve capacity, using up that seeming freedom.


The signals my system uses to protest this assault are all widespread in society — there’s a billions-of-dollars industry of drugs to suppress them.  People aren’t taught the observation skills to instead learn from the signals, to be able to distinguish and avoid the causes; however, it seems unlikely that — out of all the people who get such signals (enough to support that huge industry) — I am the only one whose body uses these same signals to object to this ubiquitous, cumulative, and hard-to-avoid toxicant.  (Documentation of all its recognized toxic effects is beyond scope of this letter, but they include suppression/disruption of enzyme production, calcium metabolism, and immune system – all congruent with my experience.)


Relatedly, fluoride is medically recognized and prescribed as a thyroid suppressor. Everyone now talks about the epidemic of obesity, many are putting in conscientious hard work to reverse it — without knowing that they’re drinking and cooking-with and bathing-in a thyroid suppressor (not to mention the rest of its ill-effects). Also, many grow urban gardens, without realizing they’re watering them with a thyroid suppressor (etc.), which the produce concentrates. This situation is a great discourtesy to everyone’s work for fitness and health — a discourtesy I’m sure you, the members of the Everett City Council, don’t in the least intend!


I haven’t mentioned the many other documented long term effects (such as increased bone brittleness and incidence of hip fractures) – they are beyond scope of this letter.


I’m not on the Everett water system, but friends of mine are — and likely the people of Everett include many more who suffer from the same discomforts / hazards (possibly from the same prevalent toxicant). I hope you’ll relieve your citizens of this enforced exposure, and afford them clear and accurate information and practicable options about any fluoride exposures.


Thank you for your kind attention.




Olemara Peters  (member, Washington Action for Safe Water)
PO Box 222
Redmond, WA 98073




1) National Research Council, Health Effects of Ingested Fluoride, National Academy Press, 1993

2) Spencer, H., Fluoride Metabolism in Man, The American Journal of Medicine, 49: 807-813, 1970.

3) Zipkin, I, The effects of the absorption of fluoride: IV The deposition of fluoride in human skeletal tissues as related to fluoride in drinking water, Arch. Indust. Health, 21: 329, 1960.





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