Toxicology, Hazard and Alternatives Assessment

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Alternatives Assessments

New and existing chemical policies are actively identifying chemicals of concern and restricting their use. Companies desiring to keep their products on the market will be responsible for evaluating and identifying functional alternatives that are safer for both consumers and the environment. NSF offers toxicological services for conducting alternatives assessments in the following areas:

Risk assessment:

  • Human hazard
  • Environmental hazard
  • Fate
  • Exposure

Environmental impact assessment:

  • Greenhouse gases
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Land, water and air pollutants
  • Natural resource use

Inventory Assessment

Our inventory assessment services allow you to make informed material choices as a result of our evaluation of specific product lines or full chemical inventories against:

  • Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS)
  • EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) ingredient criteria
  • A customized set of toxicological parameters provided by your company
  • A “negative list” of chemicals/materials such as Clean Production Action’s Red List, European Chemical Agency Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern, ChemSec’s Substitute It Now (SIN) list, California Proposition 65 and EPA’s TSCA Chemicals of Concern List

For more information, see Understanding DfE's Alternatives Assessments on the EPA website and the latest proposed regulations for safer consumer products from the California Department of Toxic Substance Control.

Analytical Testing

We can test your products or your incoming materials to confirm ingredients, analyze for contaminants or chemicals of concern or evaluate unknown mixtures. We have extensive analytical testing laboratories equipped with GC, GC/MS, GFAA, ICP, ICP/MS, LC/MS, HPLC, hi-res GCMS, TOC and IC equipment.

To speak with a toxicologist to discuss how NSF can help you, call NSF Toxicology Services at +1 651.493.4247 or email

Benefits of Services

NSF expert toxicologists provide your company with comprehensive, confidential third-party reviews to help you:

  • Obtain and manage critical ingredient information from your supply chain
  • Understand risks associated with the materials in your products
  • Prepare for and comply with upcoming regulations
  • Meet company sustainability goals
  • Meet customer needs and expectations
  • Avoid regrettable substitutions and associated costs
  • Be at the forefront of sustainability efforts for your industry

Why Work With NSF?

With our nearly 70-year history of toxicology expertise in food and water safety, our public health experts are helping companies by offering services to support alternatives assessments including evaluating specific product lines against industry and regulatory requirements.

Testing & Certification Process

Due to the varying complexity of conducting these tests, there is no "one size fits all" process to complete each requested alternative assessment. Manufacturers interested in NSF alternatives assessment services go through a customized process for their specific product or service.

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