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You fluoridationists amaze me.

You defend adding small amounts of lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, and thallium – oh, and yes, a lot of fluorosilicic acid – to our water, which people will drink for their entire lives in any amount, regardless of any pre-existing health problems they may have. And you are saying that is absolutely safe for everyone.

The burden of proof is on you to prove all these chemicals working together are safe.

You fluoridationists defend fluoridating water with a toxic waste grade of fluoride even though there are pharmaceutical grade sources of fluoride available if you really want to consume it, such as getting a Luride prescription, or swallowing some of your toothpaste.

You fluoridationists defend a form or fluoride that leaches lead from pipes.

And some of your are dentists!!! A dentist in his right mind will oppose drinking water fluoridation 1) because CDC and NRC say we are getting too much total fluoride – even if a little is good, and 2) if you still want to apply fluoride topically, the only way to reduce total fluoride consumption is for people to stop drinking it.

And you champion this fluoridation fraud just so you can allegedly reduce caries by maybe 25% or 10% or maybe not at all? When there are other good ways to kill streptoccocus mutans, such as putting an antibiotic mouthwash in your Water Pick and killing those bacteria directly?

Yes, fluoride does kill bacteria, but so too does a sledge hammer. Would you use a sledge hammer on your teeth?

Fluoridation is quackery of the first order, down with tetraethyl lead, DDT, nuclear power, and Roundup. It operates like a true-believer religion. It is a big lie, a mass marketing fraud, a group hallucination. You guys are trapped in a maze where the exits are blocked by false beliefs.

And your response to anything that disagrees with your fluoride religion is mockery.

James at Fluoride Class Action
December 17, 2013

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