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October 7, 2011

Dear Candidates,;;;;;;;;;;

I write as president of and vice-president of My associate Golda Starr is president of

The Everett Water Districts supplies water to my home in Lynnwood. It supplies water to most of the smaller, individual water districts through out the south and central part of the Snohomish County.

The Everett Water District adds silico-fluoride to the water it delivers to the individual water districts. Individual water districts cannot elect to have non-silico-fluoridated water.

Silicofluoride is the toxic waste leftover from phosphate fertilizer plants around the world. Its sale as a water treatment adds handsomely to chemical company bottom lines. The EPA has admitted that there are two reasons why it encourages and does not ban fluoridation: to make teeth stronger and to get rid of silico-fluoride waste.

Naturally occurring fluoride is mostly calcium fluoride. It is not good to drink calcium fluoride, but it is not nearly as poisonous as its cousins. It would take a half pound of it to kill you. A big benefit of calcium fluoride is that it does not leach lead out of pipes – as does silico-fluoride and to a lesser extent sodium-fluoride. The Costa Ricans fluoridate with calcium fluoride. When fluoridation began in the United States, calcium fluoride was used by some water districts.

The Everett Water District has four big pipes bringing water down from Spada Lake, and it could build more pipes. One of the three pipes carries non-silico-fluoridated water to a manufacturing enterprise in north Edmonds that wants “just water”, no fluoride, no soda ash, and no chlorine added.

The Public Health Service in 1945 implemented fluoridation using sodium fluoride in Grand Rapids. Before tests were completed and before any agency had certified fluoridation as safe, it was declared a success and implemented. To this day no federal or state agency has ever approved water fluoridation using any type of fluoride.

The number of fluoridated cities multiplied like rabbits in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. There was not enough sodium fluoride to go around. So the cheap substitute was brought in, silico-fluoride.

Silicofluoride is the industrial grade, toxic waste version of fluoride. It contains lead and arsenic, and it leaches lead from pipes – in large quantities.

The CDC admits that 41% of kids age 12-15 suffer dental flurosis, with 8.6% of those having moderate fluorosis and 3.6% having severe fluorosis.

The CDC admits that the beneficial effect of fluoride on teeth is topical – as in tooth paste. Yet ironically the CDC continues to recommend drinking fluoride.

The CDC and the American Dental Association recommends that formula not be made using fluoridated tap water on a regular basis.

But poor parents cannot afford to buy gallons of fluoride-free water.  Some lack transportation to get the gallons of water home. Most mothers do not know that infants need fluoride-free water.

Silico-fluoride leaches large amounts of lead out of brass pipes and fittings, which contain from five to 30 percent lead. Read my Report Re Lead and Silicofluorides submitted to EPA and HHS:

Listen to my September 21 explanation of how the scam works here:

Hear what is happening in Austin Texas:

Listen to my explanation about how silicofluorides have a disproportionate effect on minorities, kidney patients, diabetics, and children:

Read the latest presentation given to the Everett City Council here:

Read the Notice of Potential Liability delivered to Everett City Council on July 20, 2011 at:

Read the Notice of Potential Liability delivered on August 3 at:

Read the Report Card I sent to the EPA and HHS:

Read about the scam here:

It is time for a moratorium:

What can you do:

Write or email the Everett City Council, Mayor, and city attorney. Ask them to put the silico-fluoride issue on the agenda and put a moratorium on fluoridation. Their email addresses are:;;;;;;;;;;

If you or your jurisdiction lies outside the city of Everett but within the water district, it is important that you petition your individual water district or city in turn to petition the city of Everett 1) to provide your water district with a non-fluoridated source of water, or 2) to sign a hold harmless agreement agreeing to indemnify your water district and its residents when it is sued for harms caused by fluoridation.


James Robert Deal, Attorney
WSBA Number 8103