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Miloslav Nosal, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Professor of Biostatistics

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

The University of Calgary


I have been involved in a research study assessing transdermal absorption of fluoride from fluoridated water. The current results indicate that skin absorption fromthe bathing water is quite significant. This shows that people who want to avoid fluoride in drinking water by buying bottled water containing no significant concentration of fluoride cannot avoid fluoride unless they stop washing and bathing themselves.

This research is being finalized for a publication in a peer refereed scientific journal.


Dear Professor, would welcome any more you can offer on this subject pre-publication. Maybe you could send us a summary or a first draft.




Question: It would seem to me that a person who has to bathe in fluoridated water would be better off bathing instead of showing because he would inhale less fluoride and chlorine in water droplets.


Is there any calcium or magnesium lotion which one could apply after showering which would supply the fluoride the positive ions if seeks.


I have been trying magnesium oil from Ancient Minerals after doing a quick bath in one inch of water. It stings. I am not sure it is safe or helpful.