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My Everett News  – a blog with lots of readers – is covering the goings on at Everett City Hall, including the fluoride-lead-arsenic story.


Last Wednesday we gave three presentations.

This Wednesday we gave two. I gave one presentation:

Golda Starr gave another.

A dentist and a doctor, head of the Snohomish County Health District spoke in favor of fluoride. They focused only on teeth and quoted from the CDC. Remember that endorsements do not prove anything.

Councilman Paul Roberts spoke in favor of fluoridation, saying Everett had the best water in the world, but he did not respond to any of the arguments presented by Fluoride Class Action members.

We are going to go next week with scientific and medical journal articles. Then we are going to ask these Council members and other candidates for county offices to take a position on fluoridation. We are also going to start handing out fliers at the Court House when there are a lot of people coming and going, asking everyone to send our questionaires and do the same – asking all candidates to take a position.

The election season is approaching. We have to politicize this. Let’s not pass up this opportunity.

More Later.

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James Robert Deal , Attorney