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Safe Water, led by Jeff Green, filed suit against the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. The Complaint is very well done. It is a strong case. More about that below.

Now Attorney Chris Nidel has filed suit in federal court in Maryland. His client drank exclusively Gerber baby water as an infant and it was used to mix her formula. She has a bad case of fluorosis. Her teeth are pitted and chalky. It is another strong case

The key to understanding that case is that the Gerber water was fluoridated at .8 ppm, a lower level than found in most fluoridated cities. If .8 ppm damaged that boy’s teeth to a moderate-severe level, you can expect similar results from water fluoridation.


From: Kurt Irmischer, president

Citizens for Safe Water, a PAC

Clearwater, F.


As advertised.  Here is the info re the Fluorosis Lawsuit from Maryland in Federal District Court- there is a lot more than meets the eye.


You should know, too, that Dan Stockin is the prime mover of everything coming out of Atlanta re Fluoride-Gate.

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Another mover is Anita Shattuck. She is a lady of unstoppable energy, is around 60 or 70 but acts like she is 39.  She wrote a rebuttal to the A & A on the ADA website.  She did it around 2000. She totally bolloxed the ADA. And guess what? The ADA never challenged her on it. That was a smart move on their part.  It is still available and for the most part current.  [If you can find it, please post that link in the comments section.*]

Anita has connected with Dr. Richard Sauerheber, Ph.D. Chemistry in San Diego.  His analyses of the water fluoridation conflict are priceless.

Also a prime mover is Tom Nocera, a top government official in disaster control.  What he can tell you about the 2003-4 fiasco and its aftermath would make your hair stand on end.

Truth is to Fluoridation what the iceberg was to the Titanic.


All the best,

Kurt Irmischer, president
Citizens for Safe Water, a PAC
Clearwater, F.



From: Daniel Stockin []
Sent: Sunday, October 09, 2011 1:32 PM
Subject: fluorosis lawsuit

Kurt – your commissioners will want to see the news item pasted below my signature, but also be certain to check out the actual complaint as filed in the federal court – to see it, click on the first link in the references section at the bottom. Tell Mr. Morroni or any other commissioner who voted against fluoridation to call me if they’d like – they made the right decision, but sometimes it helps if they hear the very latest breaking facts from a public health person who knows what the doctors and dentists THINK they know, but don’t. The news is ALL bad about fluorides.

Daniel G. Stockin, MPH 706-669-0786


For immediate release: September 21, 2011



Precedent-Setting Fluoride Personal Injury Case Filed

Dental Fluorosis Complaint Is First In an Expected Flood of Public & Private Sector Claims

Ellijay, GA – Dental industry representatives have long fretted in their professional journals that fluoride providers could one day face legal actions for harm caused by ingested fluorides.


The fear was that the citizens with a permanent staining and disfigurement of teeth called “dental fluorosis” would bring legal actions upon learning that fluorides they had swallowed had caused the damage to their teeth.


Now, after this year’s admission by federal officials that fluorides are causing increasing amounts of fluorosis, an era of fluoride personal injury and toxic tort litigation appears poised to begin with the recent filing of a precedent-setting case in the Federal District Court in Maryland.


The legal action was filed against corporate giants Nestle USA Inc., Nestle Waters North America, Inc., and Gerber Products Company on behalf of a teenage girl with multiple permanent teeth disfigured by dental fluorosis.


The complaint notes that as a baby and young child, around 90% of the water the girl consumed was fluoridated bottled water sold by the Nestle defendants. The girl’s parents had purchased the water based on its advertised dental benefit for children.


According to the lead attorney on the case, Washington D.C.-based Chris Nidel, the young woman’s family now faces significant costs for damage-covering dental veneers.


The financial impact of the teen’s fluorosis is even greater over the long term. The veneers will need to be replaced four or five times, resulting in a lifetime potential cost of more than $100,000 in dental expenses.


Attorney Nidel points to a photo of his client’s teeth. “In this case, a photo really is worth a thousand words,” he states. “The water providers had a responsibility to warn their customers about fluorosis, but they did not.”


He says the girl’s mother told him, “I thought I was doing the right thing for my daughter when she was a child, by giving her bottled water that contained fluoride. Her teeth have now been permanently damaged by fluorosis. She is extremely self-conscious about her smile. Her friends ask her about her teeth. And now we’re faced with extensive cosmetic restorations. It’s not simple, and it’s expensive.”


Seeking compensation for the teen’s teeth damage and its impacts, the complaint lists counts of strict liability, negligence, breach of implied warranty, fraud, and negligent infliction of emotional distress.


Public health professional Daniel G. Stockin of The Lillie Center Inc., a firm working to end water fluoridation, says, “I believe water utilities will note that the bottled waters that are the focus of this complaint contained around 0.8 parts per million of fluoride, which is right near the amount that public utilities add to their water. We know that millions of people have dental fluorosis, and that minority populations are disproportionately harmed by it. People are not being openly told what fluorosis really is or how it can impact their lives. I think it will be very interesting to see the revelations that come out now, as fluoride product sellers and fluoridated water endorsers begin to be placed under oath in all sorts of fluoride-related legal actions.”


Stockin adds, “There were also warnings in dental and other publications that fluorides could potentially cause bone disorders, kidney harm, and thyroid impairment. I believe we’ll quickly see fluoride lawsuits grow way beyond fluorosis cases.”


Attorney Nidel says, “We’re at the beginning of what looks to be an absolutely enormous wave of new fluoride litigation. There are so many harmed teenagers with fluorosis. We have the government’s own data to prove that. Potentially millions with fluorosis will want to talk to an attorney, and believe me, plaintiff attorneys and the plaintiffs’ bar are beginning to educate themselves about all this.”


“The National Research Council’s 2006 fluoride report raised concerns about possible harm that goes well beyond dental fluorosis,” he continues. “It appears that millions of kidney patients and diabetics were not told about their increased susceptibility to harm from fluorides by their water providers or healthcare professionals,” he says.





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