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Fluoridation Math for Everett Washington

One half of one percent of Everett’s so-called fluoridated water is drunk by humans.  The rest goes down the drain.

The alleged reason for taking so-called fluoride internally is to harden the enamel of the permanent teeth of children as it is forming, before teeth erupt fully, from infancy up to around eight years. There is no claim of any significant benefit to adults from consuming fluoride. Children up to eight years constitute only around one-fifth of those who drink said fluoridated water and thus consume only around one-fifth of water which is consumed.

Note: We disagree that taking so-called fluoride internally makes for harder enamel; fluoride ruins enamel, especially when the calcium levels in water are low.


Grab a calculator:

One percent = .01

One half of that (divide by 2) = .005.

One fifth of that (divide by 5) = .001.

This means that only one one-thousandth of the fluoride reaches its target.

Each truckload of fluoride costs $16,000, and one one-thousandth of $16,000 is …… ($16,000 x .001)……$16 !

So….. your City is paying $16,000 for $16 worth of “benefit”, that is IF every child benefits.

The rest of the fluoride goes into the ecosystem. In the river or the intertidal zone it can harm fish. Salmon are repelled and even killed by fluoride at over .2 mg/L, and the plume of water from the sewer plant outfall into river or Sound is typically around 1.0 ppm.

The rest of the fluoride goes to poison the soil irreparably by repeatedly watering of lawns, gardens and farms, and through the sewer plant or storm drain into river or Sound.

Every three weeks you are spending $16 for “benefit” and $15,984 for polluting the environment.

Yet all members of the Everett City Council members agree with pro-fluoridation activist Dr. Gary Goldbaum, director of the Snohomish Health District, that fluoridation is a financial bargain for the taxpayers.

How many more financial bargains like this can Everett afford?