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Fluoridegate Scandal Unfolding; Harm to Blacks, Babies, Kidney Patients Are Key Aspects

Daniel G. Stockin, MPH

An explosive Fluoridegate scandal unfolding in Washington DC and Atlanta… Efforts to suppress news of disproportionate harm from fluoridated city water to the black community, to kidney patients, and to babies are key components of the scandal. Members of Martin Luther King Jr’s family have been speaking out. I’m the former manager of the EPA Western Regional Lead Training Center and a career public health professional – I’m known internationally on this subject. Below are some of the latest developments.
Many children, teens, and adults now have an unexplained staining on their teeth that they don’t know has been caused by overexposure to fluorides. See sample photos click here: Also check out the 5-minute video by an Atlanta physician about fluoride harm is making waves A “Fluoridegate” scandal is unfolding, as disturbing documents are surfacing showing efforts by dental industry representatives to control and dismiss discussions about fluoride harm.
A documentary movie about the scandal has been released, describing what occurred inside the EPA when EPA’s chief toxicologist in its drinking water program voiced concern about harm from ingesting fluorides in drinking water. Below is a 1-hour movie you can watch free.

Fluoridegate The Film

A letter surfaced from American Dental Association officers voicing concern to U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health Howard Koh that the issue of fluoride harm to minorities “has the potential to gain traction.” (I can send you a pdf of the letter.) This letter was sent after Atlanta civil rights and black community leaders Alveda King and Bernice King of Martin Luther King’s Jr’s family, Ambassador Andrew Young, and Dr. Gerald Durley all spoke publicly or issued statements opposing water fluoridation.

People may wish to look into their legal options. A tsunami of fluoride litigation looms. See this link to a dental fluorosis case filed in nearby Maryland federal district court: The legal concerns go way beyond teeth damage, however — keep reading.

Gerber is now selling an unfluoridated bottled water so parents of young babies won’t use fluoridated city water to mix infant milk formula. This is huge. And Colgate is selling an unfluoridated toothpaste for toddlers, with a box labeled as “Fluoride-free. Safe if swallowed.” (Read the toothpaste box label, here: ) The Centers of Disease Control that promotes water fluoridation is trying to make the issue of harm from fluorides go away, but obviously many families do not know about these unfluoridated products, or may not be able to financially afford them.

Harvard researchers are concerned about fluoride harming IQ. See the study linked here, in the Harvard School of Public Health newsletter: Also, Daniel Merfeld of the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology recently stated that it is indisputable that fluoridation began before all its side effects were known.

The National Research Council of the U.S. National Academies of Science stated in 2006 that kidney patients and diabetics are “susceptible subpopulations” that are especially vulnerable to harm from ingested fluorides. (See pp 350 bottom, and 351 here: ) No one can control the dose of fluorides citizens ingest in their drinking water, so obviously kidney patients and diabetics should be told about the potential harmful effects of fluorides, but this is not being actively pursued by vested interest dental leaders that have for decades promoted water fluoridation.

Thyroid impairment is a growing concern. The toxicologist chairman of the NRC fluoride committee stated this in Scientific American about fluorides: “The thyroid changes do worry me.” Here is a link to a piece listing a large number of thyroid research studies: See the Fluoride Action Network website – an exhaustive source for info on fluoride harm:

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