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To Kirk at

Fluoride trooper Phil Bradshaw send me this message:

Today I met some college students connecting for social and ecological justice. They are interested in setting up the speaking engagements for Dr. Osmunson, and have the means to connect with all the student groups to set the stage and promote the event. Please send Kirk an invitation to Washington Action for Safe Water at He describes his group as a youth led think tank.

Washington Wafe Water and Fluoride Class Action are interested in involving more people in the effort to get fluoride out of our drinking water. We believe that we would do well to target students because they are filled with idealism and energy and because they are able to comprehend the scientific, environmental, and legal issues involved.

Dr. Bill Osmunson and I are interested in making presentations on campuses. Feel free to call me. Or send me your number and I will call you.

Fluoride has been given a good name through chemical company propaganda, but it is a poison and a toxic waste. Your health will slowly be compromised by the fluoride you take in. Fluoridation is a fraud.

Bill and I recently submitted our work to EPA and HHS – in response to their request for comment regarding reducing fluoride added to drinking water. We believe no fluoride should be added.

See our submissions to EPA and HHS at:

The best way to keep up with the fluoridation fight is by subscribing to these Yahoo groups:

I look forward to talking with you about this effort.

Feel free to forward widely.


James Robert Deal , Attorney