Los Angeles Reduces Fluoride Level

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                                                                 Dr. Richard Sauerheber
                                                         Palomar College, San Marcos, CA

Dear President Kightlinger, Metropolitan Water District, Los Angeles,Richard-Sauerheber-Photo-6-15-13

For the past several months the water coming from the MWD Lake Skinner treatment plant has tested at 0.5 ppm fluoride, significantly lower than the 0.7 ppm that prevailed from 2011 to 2013. This is a good thing. We do not understand why the level was reduced, but since MWD now realizes its total control over the level added, then we suggest to you that now is the perfect time to halt these infusions altogether. Remember that ingested fluoride does not and cannot influence enamel cavities but it certainly causes whole body fluoridation with accumulation of fluoride  to thousands of ppm in bone eventually weakening bone after life-long consumption.

Here locally, the cities of Rancho Santa Fe, Fairbanks Ranch, Solana Beach, Cardiff, old Encinitas, Leucadia, Oceanside and Camp Pendleton Marine Base are not, and will not be, treating water with fluosilicic acid. This mostly stems from findings recently published (Sauerheber, R.,  Racehorse Breakdowns and Artificially Fluoridated Water in Los Angeles, Fluoride 46(4): 182-191, Dec., 2013) that demonstrate why Hollywood Park and Los Alamitos racetrack horses experienced increased breakdown incidence after being treated with fluosilicic acid for its fluoride in drinking water.  Hollywood Park is now closed as a result of the increased breakdowns, and Los Alamitos no longer purchases fluoridated water from MWD, and instead relies exclusively on well water provided by Golden State Water.  Interestingly, soon after this, California Chrome began being boarded at Los Alamitos and is now in contention to win the Triple Crown, and we in CA are certainly happy about that.

Next, we need to be as compassionate in our care for the elderly, children, and people in general, as the concern we have for horses. The local Church I attend has a large population of very elderly people who have various ailments. Two years ago I finally convinced Church leaders to be concerned about serving water that is treated with industrial fluoride at the coffee fellowship, because the elderly enjoy drinking lots of coffee while visiting. Unfortunately the reverse osmosis unit that was purchased is unable to meet the demand because the volume of coffee consumed each Sunday is simply too large, so municipal water that is “fluoridated” at lake Skinner is served instead. This is completely irrational since Alzheimer’s disease that occurs in the elderly is believed to be accentuated by aluminum assimilation into brain (aluminum in our water forms complexes with industrial fluoride in the acidic stomach that enhances assimilation).  Further, osteoporosis and other bone ailments are prevalent in the elderly which are exacerbated by fluoride ingestion.  Fluoride ion accumulates in bone irreversibly lifetime in an abnormal process, where the ion replaces hydroxide ion present in normal bone hydroxyapatite (Sauerheber, R. Physiologic Conditions Affect the Toxicity of Ingested Industrial Fluoride, J. Envir. Pub. Health, 2013, #439490).  This is all inconsistent with good conscience.  Although the Church leaders now are purchasing bottled clean well water that is free of fluoride for their offices, funds are  simply unavailable to do this for the parishioners.

Again, it is great that the levels have been lowered to 0.5 ppm recently, and it is also great that many cities here in North San Diego County have elected to protect the large horse population here and will not infuse fluosilicic acid into public water supplies. But we are again asking if you would please halt the infusion of fluosilicic acid into MWD water supplies. Fluoride has never been approved by the FDA for ingestion, and the FDA ruled fluoride is not a mineral nutrient and that its addition into water is an uncontrolled use of an unapproved drug. The FDA in 1966 properly banned the sale of any fluoride compound intended to be ingested by pregnant women in the U.S. The ban petition we have remains under review and we remain hopeful that an FDA ban on “fluoridation” will assist you in making the right decision for So CA water.  But in the meantime, please feel free to halt the infusions on your own. The CA Department of Public Health informed me that they always abide by the decision made by any CA city, whether to fluoridate or not.

Any promises you may have made, when funding was first obtained to do this, can easily be overturned because that was based on the assumption that ingested fluoride works systemically from the blood to lower teeth caries. The CDC published in detail that systemic fluoride does not affect teeth caries (MMWR, Aug, 2001).  What the CDC fails to understand though is that fluoride in drinking water is such a low concentration that it does not work topically either. It is thousands of times less concentrated than in toothpaste. And recent data indicate that caries decline with toothpaste use only because of the act of brushing, unrelated to its fluoride content because fluoride does not incorporate into teeth teeth enamel–enamel is hard and unlike bone.  Toothpaste manufacturers agree that fluoridated water is chiefly responsible for systemic effects of fluoride on dental enamel abnormal fluorosis, a permanent and unsightly hypoplasia which increases in incidence without exception in those municipalities that fluoridate.

Thank you for your attention on this matter,

Richard Sauerheber, Ph.D  Chemistry



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