Stuart Mathieson says, in response to the James Robert Deal post on Open Parachute regarding a proposed experiment on embryos and fetuses:

The James Robert Deal experiment. Mr Deal, believing x,y and z to be critically harmful to the human foetus, is prepared to inflict it onto pregnant mothers to “prove” it so.

That pretty much shows Mr Deal to be a moral imbecile and should be broadcast for the world to see.

For the reader’s convenience, there is a copy of my post to be found here: http://www.fluoride-class-action.com/reproduction.

Dear Stuart,

You did not read the post very well. The A group is former fertility patients, those who were not advised not to consume fluoride and are no longer patients. The B group is all new patients, those advised to avoid all fluoride in water, food, and toothpaste. The C group is those who are current patients; they started before the advice was given to avoid fluoride but are informed mid-stream during their treatment to stop consuming fluoride.

A prestigious fertility clinic back East is interested in implementing this study.

What you miss is the simple fact that from the start of the study going forward all current and new patients would be advised to avoid fluoride.

Got it? I do not support the continued infliction of fluoride on mothers for the sake of creating fluoride and non-fluoride groups.

Are you going to apologize for calling me a “moral imbecile”?

Resorting to insult is another technique whereby the exits from the fluoridation maze are blocked. You don’t have to try to understand your opponent; you can just insult him and dismiss him that way.

James Robert Deal