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Fluoride Issues Update #11 from Golda Starr on Vimeo.

Summary: This is the story of how an obscure trade association, formed in 1944 to make standards for restaurant sanitation chemicals, grew to the point where today it has agency-like authority to approve fluoridation materials and other chemicals as safe to drink[1].


I refer to the National Sanitation Foundation, more commonly known as “NSF”. The EPA delegated authority to NSF[2] to approve fluoridation materials[3] and other additives to drinking water. NSF says on its website:


In 1988, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) replaced its own drinking water additives program with NSF/ANSI Standards 60 and 61, which set public health standards for all chemicals used to treat water and products coming into contact with drinking water[4] ….


Starting in 1985 the EPA sent its experts to NSF to help them get up and running as a fluoridation approving agency. From the beginning EPA gave NSF money. EPA still gives NSF money[5] to support NSF’s fluoride approval program.

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