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Happy Thanksgiving to All:

I like Wikipedia. I use it daily. I just donated $10 to Wikipedia. I also criticized Wikipedia:

I am the president of and the vice-president of

I am an attorney:

And I am a published author:

I use Wikipedia daily.

My only criticism is that your page on “fluoridation” is one-sided and at times grossly inaccurate.

“Although water fluoridation can cause dental fluorosis, which can alter the appearance of developing teeth, most of this is mild and usually not considered to be of aesthetic or public-health concern. There is no clear evidence of other adverse effects.

Both statements are false. See:

There is a Fluoridation Controversy page at It is equally lacking in objectivity.

When our scientific experts post anything critical of fluoridation, their comments are immediately deleted. On this subject Wikipedia is clearly lacking in objectivity. On this subject the site is clearly controlled by the chemical company profiteers who sell fluoride and their misinformed dental and medical supporters.

Send your feedback to Wikipedia. We should demand that Wikipedia be more objective.

Go here to give feedback: