We should be gathering email addresses of candidates and sending notices to them.

See this document:


In every district in the US, Canada, and Australia, we should all be sending out notices like the one above.

Write your own. Copy mine. Pick and choose. Put it on your letterhead.

Who do we send it to? Every single elected office holder and every single candidate, and every single appointed professional working for water districts. Thanks to email, we can send notices to all these people fairly easy. The we ask them to pledge at least that they will put the issue on the agenda and consider it open mindedly and conduct hearings with representatives from both sides.

I am working on a questionnaire. This is a first draft: http://www.fluoride-class-action.com/wp-content/uploads/questionaire-to-candidates.doc.

The thing that is holding me up is the tedious process of going online and collecting the email addresses. Usually you have to copy and paste the email addresses one at a time. It has to be done. Maybe you can call someone in your area and ask if there is a plain list with the addresses separated by semi-colons or on an Excel spreadsheet.


For example, it would help me a lot for someone to go through the King County Washington candidate page and copy and paste all the email addresses into a word document with addresses separated by semi-colons or an Excel document.


If you can’t give money, if you can’t deliver speeches, please go to work cutting and pasting those email addresses.

After you do it for King County, you can do it for other counties in Washington. If you are in another state, put the email addresses together and if nobody else will do it, I will send them out in your name.

This is the election season. This is the time when people are thinking about political issues. The media is looking for a new story. Make every candidate take a position. Send a questionnaire to every elected person and candidate. Ask them to pledge not to ignore the issue, but to read about it, to vote to put it on the regular agenda, to listen to testimony, and to give this issue the consideration it deserves. Just ask them if they are willing to be open minded.

And this is the time to be attending county and city council meetings, water district meetings. Copy a few paragraphs from www.fluoride-class-action.com that you like and go read them.


Rouse ye!!


Petition your government!!

Warn of litigation!!

Threaten litigation!!

Deliver copies of the Maryland and San Diego federal lawsuits.

Deliver lawsuit papers – without filing them. That rachets up the pressure without racheting up the legal fees.

Sue – but only after you build up a large war chest and consult with the experts who have already brought cases like this.



James Robert Deal , Attorney