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October 11, 2011



Notice of Liability Served on Seattle and Everett
Suit Filed in Federal Court in San Diego
Suit Filed in Federal Court in Maryland




Mayor Mike McGinn
Seattle City Council
Attorney Peter Holmes
PO Box 34025
Seattle, WA 98124-4025

Dear Friends,


On August 8 a dozen of us came to City Council to speak during public comment period. I am writing on behalf of the six groups which were represented. Fluoride Class Action, Washington Safe Water, Americans for Liberty, Fluoride Detective, Dentists Against Fluoridation, and Physicians Against Fluoridation.


We called ahead and talked with Nick Licata’s assistant. I was aware there is a rule that can require that new issues be taken up first with a committee. I asked the assistant if the rule would be waived. He said that the Council would hear us. Unfortunately, the Council refused to let us speak.


Nevertheless, we did deliver to the Council a Notice of Potential Liability. We delivered copies to the clerk, to Mr. Brian’s office, to Mayor McGinn’s office, and to City Attorney Peter Holmes’s office.


Two months have gone by. We received two short emails from Assistant Fogt which were full of inaccuracies and which did not address all the points we raised. However, there has been no response which even begins to address the evidence we presented.


We are demanding a written response to these documents:


Notice Of Liability To Seattle For Water Contamination
Notice To Consult With Insurance Carrier


Profitable Fraud By Chemical Companies – Lead, Arsenic, Silicofluoride Added To Drinking Water – Notice of Liability Served on Seattle and Everett – Suit Filed in Federal Court in San Diego – Suit Filed in Federal Court in Maryland,


Who or What is the NSF?

Fifty Reasons to Oppose Silico-Fluoridation


If even ten percent of the evidence we present is true, Seattle must impose an immediate moratorium on fluoridation.


You can no longer keep your head in the sand on this issue. We have made a prima facie case that there is serious evidence of harm.


The family of Martin Luther King Jr. and LULAC, the League of United Latin American Citizens, both say fluoridation is a civil rights issue. That is because the poor in general are disproportionately harmed. Babies are disproportionally harmed. Workers who sweat a lot a harmed. Kidney patients are harmed. Diabetics are harmed. Arthritics are harmed.


The crystal pure water of the Tolt and Cedar have been turned into highly dilute toxic waste. We demand that you give us “just water”.


People who want to consume fluoride can swallow some of their toothpaste. I advise against doing this. At least those who do so will be ingesting fluoride that is free of lead and arsenic.


Chlorine is acceptable providing you disclose to water users that they should install chlorine shower filters so they will not inhale chlorine. You should also disclose that if water is left out overnight most of the chlorine will evaporate. The eventual goal should be ozonation instead of chlorination.


Cleaning up the water will be an issue in the November election. We are demanding our human right to have “just water” coming out of the tap – with no added lead, arsenic, silico-fluoride, or other heavy metals. If we want to ingest a toxic drug, we should have the right to make that decision. We should be advised by a physician, and we should be able to control the quality, the dose, and the duration.


Some of the smaller water districts surrounding Seattle will be asking for silico-fluoride free water. In the alternative, they will be asking Seattle to indemnify them in case of suits from their customers.


Seattle is likely to be sued over this, so the sooner it quits, the better its defense will be.


Seattle has several pipes coming down from the Tolt and Cedar, and some accommodation should be made to the water districts which request “just water”. New pipes should be laid if necessary.


For a pro-fluoridation dentist to prove his case he has to convince you that the following points are all true:


That drinking fluoride does reduce tooth decay.

That drinking fluoride does not harm teeth in any serious way.

That the positive effect of fluoride can only be obtained by drinking and eating the fluoride, not by applying it directly to teeth.

That fluoride does not harm babies and children.

That fluoride does not harm or interfere with thyroid function.

That fluoride does not harm or interfere with pineal function.

That fluoride does not harm or interfere with kidney function.

That fluoride does not harm or interfere with bones.

That fluoride does not harm or interfere with the gastric system.

That fluoride does not harm or interfere with or penetrate the brain and has no adverse affect on the brain.


He must prove all of these to be true statements. If I prove he is wrong on even one point, he loses the debate.


And the fact is that the pro-fluoridation dentists have already admitted that certain of these debate points. The CDC admits that 3.6% of kids are getting severe fluorosis, and the NRC says that most fluoride comes from drinking water and food made with drinking water. The CDC has also admitted that any effect is topical and not from ingestion of fluoride. The CDC has admitted that babies should not drink fluoridated water or formula made up with fluoridated water on a consistent basis.

And if all that were not enough there is the lead issue. Silicofluoride contains lead. More so than any other type of fluoride, it leaches lead out of brass-lead pipes. In 2004 there was lead in drinking water in old Seattle schools at 1,600 ppb. That is 1.6 ppm! That’s a higher concentration than the silico-fluoride. The school district is spending vast sums of money ripping out old lead-brass pipe and fittings. All they need to do is just stop fluoridating, add chlorine to disinfect and add an alkaline additive to raise the pH. Even if Seattle replaces all the pipes in old schools, that will not solve the problem. There will still be lead-brass pipes in old homes, old apartments, old office buildings, old commercial buildings. The fluoride religion is so strong that none of the reports on the problem even once mention that the silico-fluoride could be causing the leaching. There should be an inquest on this particular issue.


So why are we still fluoridating? Because fluoridation doubles as a way to get rid of toxic waste, and at a profit to boot. Chemical companies donate to medical and dental colleges, so faithful medical and dental alumni evangelize far and wide, most of them believing the Big Lie. They have not been able to find their way out of the maze.


We demand that this matter be put on the regular agenda, that a temporary moratorium be implemented, and that the city hold hearings and hear from experts.





James Robert Deal, Attorney
WSBA Number 8103

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