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Dear Mayor Adams,

To salmon, fluoride stinks.

In 1982 a salmon collapse occurred on the Columbia, because fluoride at only 0.5 ppm from discharges by an aluminum smelter caused salmon brain to be narcotized. This is why the Oregon Legislature rejected a bill requiring that cities in Oregon infuse industrial fluorides into water supplies. Discharges from treated city water from Portland would cause the same outcome, where the River contains very little protective antidote calcium ion. Brent Foster explains it on YouTube. The University of Oregon uncovered the problem.

In Sacramento after part of the city became fluoridated the following year there was a total salmon collapse, then the rest of the city was treated and the salmon have never returned here.

Portland is about to make a huge mistake in accepting the opinions of dental officials on what constitutes normal drinking water in Oregon with rivers that are so low in calcium. Fluoride in the ocean at 1 ppm doesn’t harm fish because calcium is extremely concentrated there that prevents assimilation.

No fluoride compound has been approved for human ingestion by the FDA in the U.S. Sorry Portland that you are the next city that will have to fight for a very long time to block what has already been pre-approved. One day the FDA will ban this because of the effects on human bone weakening and brain gradual deterioration from its accumulation during lifetime consumption where it does not belong–but when I do not know.

The Snohomish River in Washington has just had a Salmon crash. Several cities dump treated municipal sewage water into the delta of the Snohomish.
Dr. Richard Sauerheber