Mercury Amalgam – Dentists Believing A Lie

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From Jim Shulz in Datona Beach:

I think the gag rule in 1986 by the ADA and dental boards shows that dentists were conditioned to be silent and not to protect their patients or even give then the knowledge they would need to be aware that any risk existed.  They are implanting mercury right next to their patients’ brains where it will off-gas mercury vapor for life. It is astounding that dentists could be convinced to do this.

Their patients are getting as much as six times more mercury exposure from their teeth than from any fish they might eat. Yet the government warns about mercury in fish but never says a word about mercury in fillings. California has a law on the subject now and is the exception.

In San Francisco every dentist was required to install amalgam separators  by making it cheaper to do that than pay the fines. Their ppm dropped from 4ppm mercury to 1ppm right away. Big improvement overnight. (Are these levels in waste water? Is it ppm or ppb?)

Dentists are the biggest polluters of one of the most deadly heavy metal. The sewer sludge containing mercury is burnt, buried or most often in Florida spread on food crops with ZERO notice to the public. Florida even imports toxic waste from New York to spread on our crops. Cities have tried to back out but were sued and forced to keep polluting their soil and water. Daytona Beach even refuses to say where their toxic solids are sent. They just say that a licensed hauler takes it away.


More information with documentation needed on this subject.


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