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May 23, 2013 at 6:03 AM

Fluoridated water

ben-colletFrom Ben Collet

The real impacts of fluoride

The story about Portland’s vote on water fluoridation included the unsupported claim that Seattle, with fluoridated water, has half the number of cavities in children than does unfluoridated Portland [“Fluoridated water? Not all Portlanders will drink to that,” NWMonday, May 20].

In fact, studies around the world have shown that fluoridation of water makes no significant difference at all in cavity rates. What has also been learned is that fluoridation is linked to increased rates of numerous health problems, from brittle bones to thyroid disorders to stroke and diabetes.

Recent studies from China have shown a direct link between fluoride in the water and reduced IQ in children.

These are among the reasons why most of the world has now ended the practice of adding fluoride to their water. When is Seattle going to wake up?

Ben Collet, Seattle